Know your Bubbles!

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Having your hands wet for a long time or having them frequently wet during the day can irritate your skin leading to dermatitis. Some ingredients in cleaning products can cause skin allergies and asthma. Some cleaning products are corrosive and can cause skin burns and eye damage. There are simple things you can do to […]


Know your Upholstery!

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Some aspects of choosing upholstery fabric might seem pretty obvious such as selecting a color, which is usually the single biggest factor in fabric selection. However, while colour is important, here are some other factors that should be considered first. Fabric Durability – Sometimes durability is an issue and sometimes it isn’t. Every home is […]


Know your Hardwood!

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It’s incredibly satisfying to bring your hardwood floors back to life. Whether it’s beautiful hardwood that has been hiding beneath carpet or hardwood floors you’ve had and enjoyed for years, uncovering and refinishing your floors can bring new life to your home. Hardwood flooring has stood the test of time, stylistically and literally, because of […]