Get paid while gaining new customers

If you already run your own carpet cleaning business but would like to earn more then we can help, or if your just starting up and need some extra work until you build up your own customer base then again we can help you.

  • You tell us when you want to work.
That can be certain days of the week or you can let us know when your busy and what postcode your working in and we will try to book work that fits in and around your existing jobs cutting your fuel costs. You tell us what time you want to start in the morning. Some cleaners like to start at 8 am others not till 10 am its your choice.

We then book the work for you and email it to you at the end of each day.

We pay for all the advertising and office staff, phone calls invoicing etc. Your average job will be around £90 and usually takes one and a half hours to do.

  • So three jobs a day with tips and extra’s should earn you over £110 for about 5 hours carpet cleaning work and You Now Have 3 New Customers.
  • £22 per hr for a 40 hr working week equals a salary of £42,240 pa with 4 weeks off on holiday.
  • So just fitting in 3 jobs a week would increase your income by over £5000 a year. But next year if they want their carpets cleaned again you’ll make closer to £10,000 from these same customers who now know you.
  • Also remember most of what you currently earn goes on your mortgage or rent, bills and food etc. What your actually left with after that is not a lot imagine what a difference that extra £5000 would make to your life. Now imagine after 5 years how much more will you be earning with all those new customers you’ve gained coming back to you on a regular basis.
  • This is a form of guaranteed advertising that you know you will make a profit from and cannot possibly make a loss. Thomson’s and Yellow Pages can often lead to work being done for nothing or worse still at a loss! Google and web sites can be complicated and expensive as you know.
  • We have over 30 years of carpet cleaning advertising experience, 6 web site’s and extensive Internet marketing campaign’s that we know work and can be used in your area right now for you.
  • Putting our marketing experience together with your unused time is the team game that is working really well for all the cleaners we are currently helping. The Internet means we can now expand this all over the country and help you as well.

Learn how you can earn £22 per hour or more an extra £200 - £400 a week while getting new customers - You simply cannot lose! Call us anytime it’s Free!