Know your Upholstery!

Some aspects of choosing upholstery fabric might seem pretty obvious such as selecting a color, which is usually the single biggest factor in fabric selection. However, while colour is important, here are some other factors that should be considered first.

Fabric Durability –

Sometimes durability is an issue and sometimes it isn’t. Every home is different, and often even rooms within the same home have different requirements. Your fabric selection should reflect those requirements.

  • Woven patterns hold up longer than printed ones, as do higher thread counts and tight weaves. Thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric, and denser fabric lasts longer.
  • Choose a fabric based on who will be using your sofa. If your pets will also be sharing your sofa with you, consider a microfibre fabric or leather as these can withstand extra wear and tear.
  • Consider fabric durability if your sofa will be placed in a high-traffic area of the home.

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