After builders carpet cleaning in Fulham SW6


When we decide to have some of the rooms at our home carpeted, we usually focus on the convenience and cosiness of this floor covering option, but it really doesn’t hit us that carpets are not just attractive with their appearance, but they also attract a lot of dirt and dust. This well known fact shouldn’t bother us on normal occasions because the weekly vacuuming is done religiously. Although we are used to providing our carpets with basic maintenance, there are instances in which we are incapable of fully retrieving the cleanliness of our soft floors.

Home renovations are inevitable at some point in time and so is all the dirt that would be created in the process of any construction work.

Cleaning carpets after home renovations

A while ago “Number One Carpet Cleaning” had a client, who was struggling to get rid of all the dirt their carpet had accumulated due to some renovations in one of the rooms. It had not really occurred to them that it would have been better, if they had covered the floor and therefore prevented the massive amounts of dirt from embedding deep in the fibres. However, it was too late to ponder upon the “should’ve, could’ve” and instead they hired our professional carpet cleaners in Fulham SW6, in order to try to save their carpeting.

dusty carpet after building Fulham
cleaning of carpet after renovation Fulham

After inspecting the condition of the carpet, the technicians put the industrial vacuum machine into action. This powerful tool helped with cleaning all loose particles both from the surface and deep inside the carpet pile. This process was completed a few times, so that it was definite that most of the loose particles were taken out and it was safe to continue with the service. Steam cleaning was the pivotal part of the procedure, because it deep cleaned the carpeting completely by both eliminating blemishes and disinfecting the fibres. After the service the carpet was finally fresh and ready to be safely used once again.

Professional carpet cleaning after building work in Fulham

Handymen and other technicians go all out when operating on-site, which results in having to deal with additional cleaning tasks. Having your carpets covered in construction dirt isn’t good both for the condition of the floor and the people who live in the space, which is why you should leave that cleaning burden to a professional carpet cleaning company like “Number One Carpet Cleaning” in Fulham SW6.

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