With Professional Disinfection Cleaning combined with Virucide Fogging

Viruses like the coronavirus COVID-19 are living organism that has thrived for many years around us that’s why the cleaning and medical industry have developed methods for decontamination of premises, that have been approved by NHS and it can be used to protect you and your home.

You can have your home as clean and free of bacteria, fungi, and viruses as an NHS Facility NOW. Number One Carpet Cleaning have the knowledge, chemicals, equipment, and qualification to do that for you.

During these hard times we felt responsible for helping the community. That is why we have launched our Antiviral services.

What is Fogging?

  • NHS Approved Method and Detergents
  • We use BS EN 1276 certified disinfectant solutions for manual wiping and EN13704 / EN1650 Virucide for cold fogging
  • The effect of the fogging will last for between 7 and 17 days after the service
  • Service includes manual wiping of touchpoints and fogging
  • Kills 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses and fungi

Benefits of Sanitizing

  • Service is provided by hand
  • Makes the surfaces sanitary clean
  • We work in strict accordance to your priorities
  • Does not kill viruses and fungi
  • Hourly based service
  • Kills 99% of the bacteria

But before we proceed further, let us explain the difference between Fogging and Sanitizing:

Professional Disinfection Cleaning combined with Virucide Fogging

For ultimate results the disinfection cleaning is always a two-step process – manual surface cleaning using a disinfectant followed by a virucide fogging.

This is an NHS approved method for decontamination and disinfection of premises!

Manual surface cleaning is important because the presence of any soil can impair the efficacy of the virucide fogging and the soil can shield microorganisms from the necessary direct contact with the detergents. That is why our professionals will first wipe manually all touch points like door handles, countertops, chairs, tables, sinks, taps, remote controls and panels, computers, desks, toilets, soap dispensers, worktops, stairs, floors, walls, handrails etc using a BS EN 1276 approved detergents and then we will proceed with the next step.

BS EN 1276 is the European standard for the bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants. To pass this standard, products must prove a germ kill rate of 99.999% with a 5 minute contact time.

Fogging is done with a machine that creates and spreads a very fine mist of virucides in the air and reaches otherwise unreachable areas. The microscopic droplets will kill viruses even if airborne.

The virucides that we use are designed and clinically proven to kill 99.9999% (Log Kill 6) of bacteria and viruses such as Feline Coronavirus (SARS surrogate) enveloped and non-enveloped.

The detergent has a great effect in viruses and fungi treatment. The best detergents perform complete destruction to all forms of life including bacteria spores, viruses and fungi. Such virucides fogging application is used in some of the cleanest places you can imagine such as medical laboratories and NHS hospitals.


The cost for this service is based on the layout of the property and is not limited in time.

Home sanitation

Sanitizing makes a surface sanitary or free of visible contaminants that can affect your health. Reducing but not killing growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi. This is much better than an ordinary cleaning alone as it can reduce the number of bacteria by 99.9% which sounds great but considering there could be up-to 1 million bacteria on some surfaces that will still leave 1000 microorganisms and still not affect viruses and fungi. Service is hourly based and our professionals will follow your priorities.

Although both services will help you to keep your property sanitised, we highly recommend to go for the Professional Fogging, since it will guarantee the removal of any bacteria, fungi, microorganisms and viruses!

The service is also available for any kind of commercial properties and premises such as offices, restaurants, pubs and more. Check full info about our Antiviral disinfection for businesses here:

NHS Certificate

Price list

One and two bedroom flat£165 + VAT
Three bedroom flat£185 + VAT
Three bedroom house£199 + VAT
Commercial propertiesPrice confirmed after inspection
If no infection in the property£25 per professional per hour
If there is reported case of infection£50 per professional per hour

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Why is it important to disinfect your home?

Even though all of us are following the government instructions on self-isolation we sometimes still need to go out for different reasons. Having your home disinfected on a regular basis lowers the chances of spreading the Corona virus. Experts recommend disinfecting the touch points and high traffic areas like door handles, remote controls, desks, keyboards, switches and entrance doors on a daily basis and a general cleaning of your house once per every 2-3 days. If you do not remove your outdoor shoes the risk of bringing bacteria and viruses from the outside increases. Same applies if you have a dog that you take for a walk. That is why the floor is another area you should focus on. It is best to use cleaning detergents with at least 70% alcohol and microfiber cloth dampened with hot water and all purpose cleaner or soap.

Chemicals, Equipment and Procedures:

There is a great variety of disinfectant chemicals on the market that can be used for antiviral services. The basic disinfectant products that are proven to kill bacteria have an EU standard code – BS EN 1276. Furthermore, every product has listed on its label any additional and/or specific bacteria, viruses or fungi that it kills.

For cold fogging we use virucide with EN13704 and EN1650 EU standards.

This product is Effective for political micro control of Paeruglnos, E.coli, S.aureus, Enterococcus hirae, Baclllus suttillis, MRSA, C.difficlie, Asperquillus niger, Listeria, Salmonella, Legionella pneumophila.

Depending on your requirement or situation we will choose the most appropriate cleaning and disinfectant products. Whatever it needs to be food safe or with particular strength.

Important – currently there is no product that is clinically approved to kill COVID-19.

We have in stock a product that is proven to kill the surrogate SARS CoV-2 which causes COVID-19 and another detergent that is NHS approved to kill 100% bacteria, viruses and fungi with Log Kill 6. Those 2 products are the closest best possible option to deal with COVID-19.

Safety measures that we take for you:

When such service is performed at your home, we always wear full PPE. We always use brand new microfiber cloths for the cleaning and white absorbing paper to apply the disinfectant as we only wipe once and bin. Cleaning equipment is disinfected after every appointment. For the virucide fogging we use Ultra Low Volume Gold Fogging Machine. We check the body temperature of our employees daily.

You can see more about the safety measures that we take for you here - Covid-19 safety measures.

Qualifications and Experience:

Number One Carpet Cleaning has been on the market for 6 years. We have started with carpet, upholstery and rug cleaning and expanded with deep cleaning of domestic households and commercial properties. Our main goal is to provide top quality cleaning services in Fulham, Chiswick, Hammersmith, Putney and many other areas in London at a reasonable price. We have always aimed to keep up with all trends in the cleaning industry and we make sure to use the most advanced cleaning methods on the market.

All of our professionals have years of experience in the cleaning industry. We make sure to keep ourselves updated on the latest trends on the market and apply the most recent cleaning techniques

Number One Carpet Cleaning employees are trained by Modular Training Solutions

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