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Do you have dirty carpets at home that are in a desperate need of some refreshing? Perhaps, you can’t remember when you had your carpets last cleaned or you simply don’t know how exactly to proceed with the sanitation tasks. We at “Number One Carpet Cleaning” in Chiswick are ready to help you deal with any carpet cleaning procedures. Our company does both domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services that are reasonably priced. The carpet cleaners in Chiswick are well-trained and have a lot of experience in this service-based niche.

Any home deserves to have clean and good-looking carpets which should only attract one’s eyesight in a positive way. All fabric pieces covering the floor should be taken care of frequently. If you as a tenant don’t know how to properly sanitize the carpets you’re stepping on all the time, then you are up to some trouble. Sooner or later your floors not only would look dirty but they sure will have sheltered millions of bacteria that could cause health problems and the worst is that they can hide also in your upholstery and rugs.

Why do you have to clean your carpets professionally?

Although every homeowner has managed to create a cleaning routine which satisfies his sanitary needs, a normal vacuum machine and carpet cleaning detergent bought from the convenience store won’t quite do the needed work. That’s why you should leave it all to the professionals who know that steam cleaning is the must carpet cleaning procedure, which ensures sufficient hygienic results.

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How do we steam clean carpets?

As you have already guessed, our carpet cleaners in Chiswick are equipped with up-to-date cleaning machinery and eco-friendly solvents. We inspect the area and the carpet material to make sure that our cleaning approach will be the right one. The first carpet cleaning step you should never underestimate is the thorough vacuuming of the entire surface of the carpet. The industrial vacuum machine we use gives us an advantage in both speed and efficiency of the hovering process. If there are any blemishes like coffee or wine stain we pre-treat them with suitable solvents before we steam clean.

The next step is to finally put the hot water extraction machine into action. This cleaning instrument injects hot water under high pressure straight into the fabric of the carpet and then instantly ejects all the dirt stuck in it. This process is highly effective and has a bonus benefit – the steam cleaning kills all the bacteria that had settled into the carpet. However, after that the carpet will be slightly damp, so you should avoid stepping on it with shoes on.

If the client wishes we can add some deodorizing spray which will leave the carpet with a pleasant fresh scent. We can also apply a special product called Scotchguard also known as Stain protector which will make the surface of the carpet water-resistant and will preserve the fabric from absorbing any liquids. This will prevent any permanent stain smears.

To summarize, this is how we approach carpet cleaning:

  • All the dust and dirt is being vacuumed from the surface.
  • Any stains are taken care of before the main cleaning procedure.
  • The steam cleaning machine shoots hot water and immediately extracts all the grime.
  • In the end we could fully dry the carpet with a special machine and apply some additional finishing products, if demanded.

Everyone deserves to have a clean and tidy home environment. In order to achieve such domestic standards, you should start thinking about the condition of your floor coverings and, especially, all the rugs and carpets, which not only protect your floors, but also act as decoration pieces. In order to prolong the lifespan of your carpets and to live in a clean and put together space, you should definitely have your carpets professionally cleaned. “Number One Carpet Cleaning” in Chiswick is waiting for your call! Neither hesitation or procrastination will help you but we, on the other hand, are ready to assist your sanitary needs. Call us on 020 3632 3212 and leave all the work to us.

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