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Everyone wants to have well-kept carpets which could always give their home a freshly cleaned look, but these high interior's standarts can be hard to achieve, especially if you simply don't know how to remove stains or manage the completion of effective weekly carpet cleaning chores. "Number One Carpet Cleaning" is the cleaning company dedicated to aiding any residential properties or commercial areas in Clapham SW4, which are in dire need of professional carpet cleaning services. With the assistance of our professional cleaners, your carpets will not only be completely transformed in an aesthetic and a sanitary way but they will also have a longer lifespan which will indeed be a very cost-efficient investment.

What we cleanArea sizePrice
Single / Box bedroom8 ft x 10 ft£25.00
Double bedroom12 ft x 12 ft£35.00
Master Bedroom15 ft x 12 ft£45.00
Living room18 ft x 12 ft£45.00
Through Lounge24 ft x 12 ft£65.00
Landing-from £10.00
Flight of Stairs (average of 13 steps)-£39.00
Professional Stain Protection is available on request after every Carpet Cleaning!
Carpet Cleaning Deals
One Bedroom FlatLiving room, Bedroom, Hallway£95.00
Two Bedroom FlatLiving room, two Bedrooms, Hallway£125.00
Three Bedroom FlatLiving room, two Double bedrooms, Single bedroom, Hallway£175.00
Two Bedroom House

Through Lounge, two Bedrooms, Hallway, Stairs and a Landing£175.00
Three Bedroom House

Through Lounge, three Bedrooms, Hallway, Stairs and a Landing£210.00
Please note that parking and road charges are not included in the price. Minimum call-out charge of £75.00 applies.

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Why is it necessary to steam clean your carpets?

Regardless of your hard attempts for upkeeping your home and maintaining the most prone to pollution parts of it clean, the floors will always gather all the dirt from your shoes and the unavoidable dust from the entire indoor space.

Eliminating microorganisms

Taking your shoes off once you get into your house is the primary step to preventing any additional dirt from showing on the surface of your beautiful floor coverings, however it definitely isn't enough to prevent the bacteria from spreading in the fibres of your carpet. Allergens can also easily get trapped in any carpet, in spite of the carpet material and the length of the fibres. The microorganisms may be terribly dangerous for both toddlers and adults, which means that as a result they'll cause chronic allergies and so will contribute to the bad health condition of any tenant within the house or the flat.

Excel the look of the carpet

Each furnishing piece, no matter how decorative or pragmatic it is, adds an aesthetic worth to the property and its domestic or professional functions. Walking into a permanently inhabitable indoor space which seems spotless - with dustless and organized shelves, kitchen cupboards and clean carpets doesn't have to be an anomaly but a standard. Having carpets that not only prevent the floor surface from staining and scratching, but additionally act as an exquisite ornament piece is each homeowner's desire, a not so low-cost but definitely a possible one. Deep cleaning carpets properly is a very professional job that once done on a daily basis will extend the lifetime of the carpets and can preserve their fresh looking appearance.

Professional cleaning services in Clapham

If you would like to possess only clean carpets at your home and you don't want to stress about not doing the regular clean properly or just not doing it as frequently as suggested, you should totally contact a representative of "Number One Carpet Cleaning", tell them about your concerns and they'll manage to secure you a professional carpet cleaning service at the best time for you.

Our carpet cleaning services in Clapham are always reasonably priced no matter how invasive the treatment is or the atmosphere the carpet cleaners are set to perform in. Our team carpet cleaners in Clapham uses eco-friendly detergents and we also do our job with up-to-date and trustworthy cleaning instrumentation that continuously does an excellent job once exploited in any high traffic workplace house or a mundane bedroom.

Having your carpets professionally sanitised is a chance unlike any other, because as a result you have your carpets and home cleaned in the way you find most convenient and effective, you don't have to cheat your budget and you're always left with clean and appealing carpets, once the skilled cleaners do their job.

Just search "Number One Carpets Cleaning Clapham" and get your hands on the best carpet cleaning offers on our website. Call 020 3632 3212 and be sure that our company's contact information will stick in your head after you witness the fantastic job our best cleaners have done to any of your carpets.

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