Regular Commercial carpet cleaning services Putney


Every workplace has to sustain an environment which is safe, doesn’t impose health risks and is accommodating. Since the workers are spending the bigger part of their day stuck indoors, the janitor on duty is always busy maintaining the place somewhat clean. But regular cleaners are not capable of actually deep cleaning the most important part of any building - the floors. Especially, in factories where there are both office and industrial spaces, it is even harder to keep up with the maintenance of the carpeting. That’s why there are professional carpet cleaners, who are equipped to treat high traffic commercial carpets.

Cleaning carpets in a factory

“Number One Carpet Cleaning” Putney SW15 has performed a myriad of professional carpet cleaning services for commercial customers. Our carpet cleaners have worked on all types of carpeting in both smaller and greater business properties. This has allowed us to assess how different environments affect the carpeted floors and what we as professionals can do to complete the cleaning tasks in a productive manner and not to disturb the actual work process on the premises.

dirty carpet in a factory in Putney
carpet after cleaning in a factory in Putney

Our professional carpet cleaning company was approached by a frozen food factory in Putney, which needed assistance with the upkeep of a certain carpeted part of their commercial space. They wanted to try hiring professionals, who would be able to regularly retrieve the look of the carpeting and also give it the thorough clean it needed.

We were set to operate in a long carpeted hallway, which connected the factory with the offices. Thus said, this was a very high traffic area because the workers had to walk through that passage every single day.

Although the carpet seemed to be a low maintenance one, it still had to be cleaned properly, in order to preserve the good level of hygiene in the factory, which was the number one priority. That’s why our team has been booked to do regular commercial carpet cleaning in this business every six months.

The service consists of thorough vacuuming and treatment of any stubborn blemishes with special stain solutions. Steam cleaning is the culmination of the procedure, because it helps suck out all the embedded filth and also disinfects the carpet’s fibres. We also don’t forget to dry the commercial carpet upon completion, so that no excess moisture could cause unwanted mould and bacteria.

Commercial carpet cleaning services for factories

Every industrial space demands professional sanitary upkeep and “Number One Carpet Cleaning” is the right company to help you with any commercial carpet cleaning tasks. Read more about our carpet cleaning services in Putney here.