Carpet cleaning in a Chiswick Pub


There’s nothing better than spending the evening with your friends at your favourite pub. Bad jokes, good beer and a cosy atmosphere are the three pillars of the afterwork down time nobody wants to miss out on.

But only pub owners know what they have to deal with after closing hours. Pubs can get very messy not only on the lounge areas and the main bar but also behind closed doors in their stock room. And believe it or not a good level of hygiene is hard to maintain, especially if you have misbehaving drunk people in your establishment. That’s why only professional carpet cleaners are prepared to fully clean even the dirtiest pub carpets.

pub carpet
carpet in a Chiswick pub cleaned

Professional carpet cleaning for a pub

A pub owner in Chiswick W4 was in dire need of some carpet cleaning assistance, that’s why they reached out to “Number One Carpet Cleaning” to resolve their sanitation problems as efficiently as possible.

As we arrived on site it didn’t take long to immediately notice the problematic carpet, which was so infested with soil and dirt, the actual colours of the fibres were hard to tell. The Persian style carpet appeared to have many accentuated high traffic areas, which had to be immediately taken care of, otherwise the pub owner had to splurge on replacing the damaged carpet with a new one.

Since the carpet had accumulated a lot of dust and debris, we started by using the industrial vacuum machine which was powerful enough to remove all loose particles from the carpet fibres. The highly stained parts were pre-treated with strong chemicals which would help dissolve the embedded filth. But, of course, that wasn’t enough to retrieve the initial look of the carpet. Great measures were taken, in order to take out the dirt - the hot water extraction machine was set to operate at a higher temperature. When the hot water was infused into the depths of the carpet it triggered the chemicals and therefore the sanitation process was accelerated.

Thanks to these procedures the carpet was completely clean - there was no more discoloration and you could see all the patterns. The most important was that the pub’s working hours were not disturbed and the staff could immediately serve their clientele after the end of the service.

Hire commercial carpet cleaners in Chiswick W4

If you run a commercial establishment in Chiswick, which needs professional upkeep, make sure to learn more about our carpet cleaning services in Chiswick and hire a team of reliable and experienced professional technicians.

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carpet in a Chiswick pub cleaned