Where to rent a carpet cleaning machine from?


Every once in a while we wish we could give our carpets a very deep clean. For some this may be too big of a task which leads them into seeking professional help, but others prefer to do it themselves, which requires special equipment and cleaning products most people can’t afford owning. Even professional carpet cleaning companies like “Number One Carpet Cleaning” hire professional cleaning machinery when needed, which is why here are a few of the companies whose services we have taken advantage of.

Three of the best places to rent carpet cleaning machines

One of our favourite companies to hire cleaning machines from is “Cleaning Equipment Services”. What we love about them is that you can hire great staple carpet cleaning tools but you can also buy both used and brand new cleaning machinery from them. They provide commercial and industrial cleaning equipment servicing, which makes this company even more outstanding among its rivals. This company delivers only to the UK mainland, the hired equipment is usually dispatched the next day and you get free on-site training on how to properly use it. Not only do they supply you with the needed cleaning tools, but they can also help you with the maintenance of the machines you already have. We know that no matter what we may need, we are certainly going to find it at “Cleaning Equipment Services" because they have over one million GBP worth of cleaning machines for hire. Thanks to that cleaning equipment myriad and the wonderful customer care staff we never disappoint our own clients.

You can email them at office@cleanes.co.uk or call on 01903 755128 or visit their website - cleaningequipmentservices.uk. Their main office is at Unit D, 16 Peter Road, Lancing West Sussex.

“Number One Carpet Cleaning” has been delighted to take advantage of the infamous “Rug Doctor” carpet cleaner – a convenient and efficient cleaning machine, which saves you money and time. Hiring a Rug Doctor for 48 hours is a great opportunity for any family or even a company that wants to give their carpets a good clean. You can both check the carpet cleaner out of any of the brand’s hiring outlets or have it delivered at your doorstep, which we as customers have found to be extremely comfortable and timely. Picking out the exact cleaning products we would need for the machine was also a very relevant service that not many of Rug Doctor’s rivals provide. However, there have been instances when the machine was not in the promised conditions, but thankfully the provider has taken this complaint into consideration. Using and returning the carpet cleaner was also a very non convoluted process, which we value that’s why our company won’t ponder at all when choosing your services once again.

“Best at hire” is yet another great provider of equipment for the construction, gardening and the cleaning industry. The plentiful amount of different tools and the nationwide availability allows any client to pick up the necessary machinery in any part of the country. The quick online booking process and the fast pick-up and drop off procedures are always something our company cherishes and finds as a good first impression. You can place an online order and pick up the tools at any local branch. The machinery is always in acceptable condition – clean, with a full fuel tank and with the needed instructions. Although “Best at hire” has stated to have very fair pricing, after all the extra charges the final payment is not at all close to what you have previously agreed on paying. The customer support staff is nice and helpful, but the arranged collection time isn’t as flexible and convenient as promised.

As you can tell, carpet cleaning machines are a costly investment but they are also easily accessible. Whether you buy or hire them, you can always rely on a professional carpet cleaning company’s opinion. Take your time, but unless you don’t try any of the mentioned machinery providers, you may never know what you have been missing out on or perhaps, not.

If you still struggle to clean your carpets or upholstery by yourself, do not hesitate to call us on 020 3632 3212 or email us at team@numberonecarpetcleaning.co.uk.