Commercial Carpet cleaning in Fulham SW6

Cleaning carpets is an essential household chore which requires time, skills and trustworthy equipment – we at “Number One Carpet Cleaning” have it all. After working on numerous types of carpets in different locations, our expertise has expanded in that cleaning field and we can guarantee our customers quality carpet cleaning services on reasonable prices. Although carpet and rug cleaning are our most demanded services, we also offer an End of tenancy carpet cleaning and an Upholstery cleaning service. Operating in Fulham has been a great success for our company, because we’ve been lucky enough to have found some loyal customers.

Professional move out carpet cleaning service

Accommodating a new resident in a freshly sanitized apartment which is ready to be moved into any minute is just as important as keeping the entire apartment building nice and clean. The level of hygiene of any space is always a deal breaker, especially when you are about to move into your temporary or even permanent home.

After a resident in Rivermead Court contacted us to book a professional move out carpet cleaning service with us, our carpet cleaners in Fulham assisted him as soon as possible. The building we were about to do our job at is famous for its specific architectural style and its historical value. The process of cleaning the carpeted area in the apartment was a pleasant experience which resulted in a triumphant outcome for the ex- and the future resident of the outstanding building. Not only were they happy with the work our carpet cleaners had done but other residents were also impressed by the results.

Commercial Carpet cleaning services in Fulham SW6

Consequently, our company was asked to complete another carpet cleaning service but this time our carpet cleaners had to take care of the hallway carpets in seven of Rivermead Court’s entrances. Keep in mind that the entire building has around 200 flats, which once again testifies how big and spacious Rivermead Court is. Our job was a time-consuming one – making sure that every hallway carpet is perfectly cleaned was a bit challenging. Most of the carpets were covered in authentic designs and served as yet another furniture piece which matched the specific style of the building.

Any indoor space which has carpeted floors has a different atmosphere – a welcoming and cozy feel is always contributing to one’s perception of the place they live in. If you wish to preserve any carpet, you must clean it properly and as often as the specific carpet material allows. Living in such a big residential building with so many other people demands a weekly thorough professional carpet cleaning service, which will ensure a consistent level of cleanliness.

As our team of carpet cleaners embarked on the journey of taking care of this iconic building’s hallway carpets, they were prepared with all the equipment they would need to complete that difficult task.

Professional Carpet steam cleaning services

Vacuuming the surface of all carpets is what we do first, of course, our industrial vacuum machine has no difficulty in cleaning such large spaces and was able to assist the technicians throughout the cleaning entire process. This first step is essential in any professional carpet cleaning service because it leaves the material of the carpet dust free and gets rid of any visible dirt. The next step was to pre-treat any stains that would be harder to take out of the carpet. Any coffee leaks or mud stains would be harder to eliminate, that’s why we always manage to inspect the area carefully and notice if there are any problematic smudges. Choosing a suitable detergent is the key to a successful stain removal.

The steam cleaning process is simple and time-efficient – the hot water extraction machine sprays a mixture of hot water and cleaning solvent into the carpet and then immediately ejects all the grime back. This allowed our carpet cleaners to work on larger carpeted areas and finish the sanitation process faster. This carpet cleaning method was the reason behind the productively done work.

After the technicians have managed to deal with the unwanted stains, the hot water extraction machine took action. Steam cleaning is the best way to thoroughly disinfect any carpet and eliminate the further distribution of allergens or other contagious diseases. This cleaning approach has proven to be the best commercial cleaning solution because of its wide range of benefits for both the people and the carpets.

Rivermead Carpet Cleaning

The final result

All inhabitants were pleasantly surprised by the blemish-free hallway floors. Before us another cleaning company had stepped in to do the same carpet cleaning job but unfortunately, what they left behind was far from what the residents had initially expected. The disappointment had left them a bit hopeless that no one would be able to fulfill their expectations of having lawlessly looking carpets in the very building they all call home. The professional work our carpet cleaners in Fulham SW6 had done broke the satisfactory barometer of the property management. Proving that such work is hard and requires expertise and responsibility is not always easy, because there are always obstacles to overcome and expectations to exceed.

If you reside in a big apartment building in Fulham and the conditions of that indoor space are not aligning with any basic level of hygiene, there is a great chance your neighbors also share your dissatisfaction and are ready to take action and change the current state of the carpets they step on every day. When in need of a commercial carpet cleaning service, contact “Number One Carpet Cleaning” and we ensure you a professionally done service which will make you want to take advantage of all our cleaning services. Call us on 020 3026 0355 to speak with one of our operators.