Carpet Cleaning in the Royal Over-Seas League Building in London


When attending cultural events or exhibits in galleries or museums, people usually don’t think about just how much effort it takes to keep these spaces clean without harming the authenticity of their architectural assets, which may be enchanting to one’s eye but are definitely not practical at all. The maintenance of historic buildings should only be performed by professionals, who are experienced enough to know how certain materials should be treated, in order not to damage the surrounding environment.

And although carpeting hasn’t been around for nearly as much as the traditional hardwood flooring, they’re still being installed in older buildings, so that there is a slight modern vibe to the otherwise classical looking place.

Carpet cleaning in historic buildings

The Royal Over-Seas League (ROLS) is a non-profit organisation established to create opportunities for international musicians and artists from the countries which are part of the Commonwealth association, by providing them with a supportive community and access to all events hosted by the organisation.

This is one of “Number One Carpet Cleaning”’s most significant customers because the building, in which the ROLS takes place was designed way back in the late XIX century and is therefore part of London’s historic heritage. The architecture of the establishment is inspired by the Georgian era and although some of the interior has been renovated and slightly changed over the decades, the building still upholds its notable glory.

The professional carpet cleaners assessed the indoor environment and all the potential obstacles which could slow down the procedure. This first step allowed them to properly plan out the way the service would be carried out. Most of the carpets in the building were regular loop pile ones and there were a few which stood out with more vibrant colours and classical patterns. Overall, they all needed some deep cleaning.

Vacuuming was essential to the further appliance of any other carpet cleaning methods. The professional hot water extraction machine was left to do all the magic - the steam cleaning process eliminated visible blemishes and disinfected the fibres, which was the reason why they retrieved a fresh looking appearance, which wouldn’t have been possible without the specialised equipment and solutions we used. Thanks to the additional drying, the carpets were ready to be used immediately after the service.

royal over-seas building

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