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If you are in search of Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Fulham SW6 you might have found the right carpet cleaners for you. We are "Number One Carpet Cleaning" Fulham - a small bundle of hardworking professionals whose goal is to always deliver top-notch cleaning services.

What we cleanArea sizePrice
Single / Box bedroom8 ft x 10 ft£25.00
Double bedroom12 ft x 12 ft£35.00
Master Bedroom15 ft x 12 ft£45.00
Living room18 ft x 12 ft£45.00
Through Lounge24 ft x 12 ft£65.00
Landing-from £10.00
Flight of Stairs (average of 13 steps)-£39.00
Professional Stain Protection is available on request after every Carpet Cleaning!
Carpet Cleaning Deals
One Bedroom FlatLiving room, Bedroom, Hallway£95.00
Two Bedroom FlatLiving room, two Bedrooms, Hallway£125.00
Three Bedroom FlatLiving room, two Double bedrooms, Single bedroom, Hallway£175.00
Two Bedroom House

Through Lounge, two Bedrooms, Hallway, Stairs and a Landing£175.00
Three Bedroom House

Through Lounge, three Bedrooms, Hallway, Stairs and a Landing£210.00
Please note that parking and road charges are not included in the price. Minimum call-out charge of £75.00 applies.

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Finding a great cleaning service provider for your home could be quite the challenge these days. Eligible carpet cleaners can be very hard to find, especially when you are on a tight budget. But this should no longer be an unaffordable and convoluted task. Thanks to our company's great deals, our skilled carpet cleaners and the high-quality cleaning machines we use, having your carpets and rugs professionally treated is more accesible than ever. "Number One Carpet Cleaning" Fulham operates locally and works on both commercial and residental properties.

We make it easier for you by providing a 100% Customer Satisfaction Assurance backed up with many reviews by happy customers in the area and certifications by the leading organizations in our industry.

How carpet cleaning works?

To guarantee the best result for our customers and elevate the overall look of the indoor space we're working on, our carpet cleaners perform a "5 step” cleaning process.

Step 1: Inspecting the carpet

When our professionally trained and certified technicians arrive at your place, they will first inspect your carpets to choose the best cleaning method and detergents for you.

Step 2: Picking out the best cleaning solution

A dirty carpet needs not only to be cleaned with the suitable tool, but also with the appropriate detergent. There are many carpet, upholstery and even regular clothes cleaning products on the market that would swear by their sanitation capabilities, but choosing the correct cleaning solution is strictly based on the carpet material and the evironment it will be treated in. The best carpet washer is the one that won't cause any harm to the fibers and will leave a spotless surface. We make sure to use only Eco-friendly, child and pet safe cleaning products.

Step 3: Vacuum

Cleaning all the dirt and dust stuck in the fibers of your carpet ist the key to giving any carpet an efficient deep clean. A regular vacuum machine could do wonders when yused properly and frequently but if necessary, your carpets will be vacuumed with a professional upright vacuum cleaner.

Step 4: Pre-treating and removing stains

The next step is to pre spray any visible stains with the suitable cleaning detergent and agitate the carpets with a machine or manually with a pile brush. Tough stains won't challenge our cleaning capabilities and will be eliminated at all costs.

All stains will be treated individually based on its origin.

Step 5: Steam clean

After that we will use a commercial grade hot water extraction machine to rinse and extract the chemicals and all dissolved dirt from your carpets leaving it dirt and chemical free.

For a perfect finish we will spray an antibacterial deodorant all over the carpets that leaves a nice smell and protects your carpets.

Our deep cleaning will remove not only visible dirt but odours, allergens and bacteria. At the end you will have beautifully clean and fast-drying carpets. The process is applicable also for rug and upholstery cleaning.

Should I steam clean my carpets?

Simply pause for a second to think about all of the items that hide within the fibers of your carpets: mud, dirt, allergens, microscopic organisms, pet and human hair, grime and more. It is needless to say that a regular deep cleaning of your carpets will not only prolong its livespan but will also save you money, because you won't have to constantly change your damaged carpets and rugs with new floor coverings.

Carpets, rugs and any upholstery furniture pieces in general are pricey, so frequent maintenace of these home decor pieces will definitely keep them up in a conveniently nice condition, ensuring a successful initial investment. This is often significantly important if your flooring is new or just in case you're desperate to sell your home at a premium value. It's clearly easier to spend some money on professional carpet treatment instead of changing them with new ones.

Our carpet cleaning technicians in Fulham are able to provide both domestic and commercial carpet cleaning of any kind of fabric you may have. A home or an office essentially can not look clean if the floors in it are not appropriately dealt with. Hoovering consistently is an incredible method to remove general dirt that winds up in the rug or carpet, however a normal profound clean is likewise expected to get some harder stains out. You will unquestionably welcome the look and feel of the rugs significantly more and you will be glad to flaunt your place to visitors and guests.

Let the best carpet cleaner in Fulham assist your needs today! Grab our best cleaning service deal and let loose of your carpet problems.

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We are one of the best carpet cleaners in Fulham with a profound professional experience of several years. Carpet cleaning might seem to be a tiring process for you and nothing might frustrate you more than the stains left on the carpet by your children or pets. Hire the services of a professional carpet cleaning in Fulham to save your time and get the job done with 100% satisfaction! Call us today on 020 3632 3212

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