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Everyone desires to have well maintained carpets which always give your home a freshly cleaned look but these indoor impressions are hard to be achieved, especially when you don't know how to get rid of stains or give any rug or carpet in the house a deep clean. "Number One Carpet Cleaning" is the cleaning company which has the goal to serve any household or commercial area in Wandsworth SW18, which is in great need of some professional carpet cleaning services. With the help of our carpet cleaners your carpets will be given a second chance of rejuvenating your living room or making the bedroom feel cozy and tranquil.

What we cleanArea sizePrice
Single / Box bedroom8 ft x 10 ft£25.00
Double bedroom12 ft x 12 ft£35.00
Master Bedroom15 ft x 12 ft£45.00
Living room18 ft x 12 ft£45.00
Through Lounge24 ft x 12 ft£65.00
Landing-from £10.00
Flight of Stairs (average of 13 steps)-£39.00
Professional Stain Protection is available on request after every Carpet Cleaning!
Carpet Cleaning Deals
One Bedroom FlatLiving room, Bedroom, Hallway£95.00
Two Bedroom FlatLiving room, two Bedrooms, Hallway£125.00
Three Bedroom FlatLiving room, two Double bedrooms, Single bedroom, Hallway£160.00
Two Bedroom House

Through Lounge, two Bedrooms, Hallway, Stairs and a Landing£175.00
Three Bedroom House

Through Lounge, three Bedrooms, Hallway, Stairs and a Landing£210.00
Please note that parking and road charges are not included in the price. Minimum call-out charge of £75.00 applies.

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Why is it important to steam clean your carpets?

No matter how much effort you put into keeping your house clean, your floors are the ones to collect all the dust and dirt there is in the whole domiciliary area.

Getting rid of bacteria and allergens

Taking your shoes off when entering your home is the first step to preventing any extra dirt from appearing on the surface of your lovely floor coverings, but it sure isn't enough to stop the bacteria from spreading in the fibres of your carpet. Allergens can also get easily stuck in any carpet regardless of the length of the fibres, dust and pollen can be very dangerous for both toddlers and adults because they can cause chronic allergies and therefore contribute to the ill-being of any tenant in the house or the flat.

Elevating the appearance of the carpet

Every furniture piece, no matter how essential or not, has an aesthetic value to the property and it's domestic or commercial purposes. Walking into a room which has fresh looking and clean carpeting shouldn't be unusual but rather an indoor commonality. Having carpets that not only protect the floor, but also act as a beautiful decor piece is every homeowner's dream, a not so cheap but indeed an achievable one. Cleaning carpets properly is an important job which when done on a regular basis will prolong the life of the carpets and will preserve their brand new looking appearance.

Essential Professional Carpet Cleaning Steps

Typing "Carpet cleaning Wandsworth" in your Internet bowser will easily lead any customer to the website of "Number One Carpet Cleaning". When a client of our cleaning company books a service, our carpet cleaners in Wandsworth will arrive at the given address and they are going to complete the carpet cleaning service by the following these steps:

  • Initial inspection of the carpets before proceeding with the cleaning treatment.
  • Choosing the most efficient carpet cleaning method and the suitable equipment.
  • Vacuuming and pre-treating any visible stains and blemishes.
  • Using a hot water extraction machine to steam clean and therefore disinfect the carpets.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Wandsworth

If you wish to have clean carpets at your home and you don't want to worry about not doing it properly or simply not doing it as regularly as recommended, you should get in touch with a representative of "Number One Carpet Cleaning" and book a professional carpet cleaning service at a convenient time for you. Our cleaning services in Wandsworth are at affordable prices regardless of the treatment or the environment the carpet cleaners have to work in. Our team uses eco friendly detergents and we exploit only modern and reliable cleaning equipment which always does an efficient job when used in both a high traffic office space and a regular living room.

Having your carpets professionally deep cleaned is a deal like no other, because you can have done whenever you wish, you save money and you are always granted flawless looking carpets after the professional cleaners do their job.

Simply search "Carpet cleaning Wandsworth" and find the best deals on our website. Give us a call on 020 3632 3212 and you'll most certainly have clean carpets by the end of the service our carpet cleaners in Wandsworth has provided you with.

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