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Spilling coffee or red wine on your carpet can be a bit stressful especially when you don`t know if that can even be cleaned.

How to remove a stain from a carpet?

Removing stains from carpets is often a very difficult/complex process. With the right knowledge, chemicals and methods many if not most stains can be successfully and safely removed by a professional carpet stain removal company from your carpet.

Number One Carpet Cleaning`s operators are trained and experienced in removing some of the most difficult stains from carpets such as red wine, coffee, tea, or pet stains. You can trust us for professional carpet stain removal in London.

Carpets are so widely used in households that it is inevitable that accidents will happen, that’s why the cleaning industry is constantly developing and improving stain removing chemicals and cleaning methods.

Oil Stains on carpets

Oil stains on carpets are very common. Those stains are mainly made by cooking oil, olive oil or cosmetic products such as body creams etc. When removing oil stains from carpets, the professional carpet cleaners use solvent stain removal products. Solvent cleaning products are safe for almost all carpets, even wool, when used by professionals following all necessary steps of the stain removing.

Other common stains that are removed by using Solvent Carpet Stain Removers are makeup stains and paint stains.

Check the complete guide on how to remove oil stains from carpet here.

Dye Stains on carpets

The most difficult to clean from carpets are the dye stains. In this category are all stains from liquids that have dyes in them. Red Wine Stains, Coffee Stains, Tea Stains, Soft Drinks Stains

  • Removing red wine stain from carpet is achieved by using a series of low PH stain removal chemicals combined with rinse and extraction. This professional stain removal process is successful on all types of carpets including wool.
  • To remove coffee stains on carpet a professional carpet stain removal process needs to be followed very precisely and involves using different types of stain removal chemicals to remove the different components of the drink. Coffee stain on wool carpets might not be possible to remove because heat can damage the wool and lead to color change.

Check our more tips on how to remove red wine stains and how to clean coffee stains from carpets.

So what is the best way to remove stains from carpet? The internet is full of tips and tricks on how to remove stains from carpets by yourself and we have heard them all from vinegar to baking soda and washing liquid and some of them will possibly work on fresh carpet stains on synthetic carpets but when it comes to wool and stains from red wine, coffee or make up stains on carpet the best way is hire a professional carpet stain removal company. The safest thing you can do is to try to blood the stain with a clean white towel and call a professional company.

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