How to choose the right carpet cleaning tools


Settling on the idea of having carpeted floors may not be that hard, however keeping up with all the chores that come with the maintenance of the carpets is the reality check you wish you would have considered before splurging on the fluffy wool carpet that is like a blanket for your bare feet. Of course, there are many tools and detergents on the market that each propose an efficient solution to your carpet cleaning problems, but how do you know which ones are the best? Questions like:  “Is it safe to steam clean my carpet?” and “Will this vacuum cleaner be able to deep clean my loop pile carpet” are important to be answered before purchasing any expensive cleaning equipment that might end up being useless for your specific carpets.

Pre-shopping advice 

Before going to the store, first and foremost, you should equip yourself with patience and a lot of knowledge about the material characteristics of the carpet, that has to be treated. Then you shouldn't forget to also figure out how capable you are of using the needed tools and whether or not they will fit in your budget. Just because a certain maintenance tool worked magic for somebody else’s carpet, doesn’t mean that you should jump on the bandwagon, expecting to receive the same results. Always be well-informed about the material of your carpets and what type of treatment may be damaging to it. Looking into this type of matter by yourself is great but the best thing you can do when you are a carpet newbie is to consult with a carpet cleaning professional.

Why you should be careful when buying cleaning tools for carpets

  • The trained carpet cleaners always use up-to-date instruments but that doesn't mean that you have to do the same and it definitely doesn't imply that you'll be able to use them properly either.
  • There are a lot of scams on telemarketing programs targeting carpet cleaning newbies.
  • The quality of the equipment equals the quality of the cleaning performance, so don't underestimate the significance of your choice of tools.
  • Finding something cheap at the store doesn't mean that you have either hit the jackpot or that you have made a terrible investment.
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What to look for in a carpet cleaning tool

It is always better to create a checklist with the standard requirements that the cleaning tools must fulfil. Don't forget to do your research on the material of the carpet and what types of procedures should be avoided! Regardless of that important information, there are a few key characteristics you can always refer to when picking out potential cleaning tools and machinery.

Any carpet cleaning tool should embody the following traits:


Purchasing the latest vacuum cleaner may sound like a great idea but only if the machine in question is easy to work with. There's no point in acquiring fancy and powerful equipment, if there won't be any ease at operating with it in a given space.


The tool should be designed to complete its job in a productive manner, allowing less human effort. It has to both save you time and electricity, which also means that they have to be...

Environmentally safe

Being conscious about the impact of climate change and the ways you can contribute to reducing the damage people have done to their planet plays a big role in choosing the right cleaning equipment. Water use and power consumption should be looked out for when purchasing such tools. You should also make sure that the working process doesn't involve harmful chemicals and eco-friendly detergents are compatible with the mechanic carpet cleaner you consider buying.

carpet cleaning machines

Essential carpet cleaning tools

Everyone who has carpet at their home has probably considered buying, if not at least one, then all of the carpet cleaning gadgets they have heard about in the mainstream cleaning advertisments. However, picking the holy grail cleaning equipment that will serve you greatly must not only be fit for the needs of the carpet but also with its work contribute to the overall sanitary state of the indoor space. The following are some tips for choosing the right carpet maintenance instruments, which a carpet owner should use.

Vacuum cleaners

You can hardly get rid of all the dirt or pet hair stuck between the carpet fibres without vacuuming it away. Therefore the vacuum cleaner is the one cleaning machine you must own, because there will be so much work out of it, cleaning a carpet will seem impossible without one.

It is suggested that you should pick a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar that can be adjusted according to the level of deep cleaning you want it to perform. This is very important because not all carpet materials are durable enough to withstand such treatment. Opting for a vacuum machine with installed HEPA filters is also something to look out for, especially if you have allergies.

Steam cleaners

Most people forget that vacuuming itself isn't enough to maintain the carpet's hygiene level for the long run. Steam cleaners have proved themselves to be the best friend of any carpet cleaner - professional or not.

This machine performs an eco-friendly deep cleaning procedure, which with the power of steam eliminates the dirt and bacteria immersed in the depths of the carpet. This cleaning method is compatible with most carpet materials and if you want you can also add extra detergent in the tank to boost the sanitation results. It is more pricey but it is good that there are different steam cleaners that you can rent and use occasionally before investing in one. And once you have a hot water extraction machine you can take advantage of its diverse applications.

Spot cleaning tools

No carpet is naturally stain resistant, that's why there are many stain protecting sprays that are applied to the surface of carpets that are mostly made out of synthetic materials - this enhances their spot resistance ablities. But if you have a classic wool carpet that unfortunately has been the victim of some minor or in worse cases major sanitary mishaps, then using a special stain remover is the last resort for saving the appearance of your floor covering.

Stain removal products may contain some detrimental chemicals, so the responsibility once again lies on you to check which detergent ingredients you should avoid applying to your carpet.

Carpet rakes

These tools are mainly used for dense and fluffy carpets that should be raked from time to time in order to get rid of pet hair or other types of grime stuck in your carpet. The carpet rake also helps retrieve the fluffiness of the carpet but you should keep in mind that these tools come with different bristles and are not supposed to be used for carpets that don't undergo high traffic.

Get professional help

Not everyone can easily figure out how to take care of their carpets - dealing with complex machinery and sketchy solvents you bought because of a random TV ad are just a part of the problem. What's most important is to have a clean home and the first step to achieving that goal is to regularly keep up with the sanitation of your floors.

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