Cleaning dog vomit from a wool carpet


Having pets at home may be manageable for many people, who love their furry friends enough to let them take over their home. Everyone with a cat or a dog knows that loose hair and urine stains are unavoidable. Lint rollers are the one holy grail product every pet owner should have, a powerful vacuum machine and special stain removal remedies are definite must, too, however there are still some instances in which it is better not to solve the pet sanitary problem by yourself, but to opt for professional help.

Removing dog vomit from a carpet

“Number One Carpet Cleaning” receives many calls from clients who need emergency help with removing different types of stains from their carpets. It is not surprising that most often carpet owners try to deal with the problem by themselves, without even questioning their ability to do so. The initial reaction people have is to start scrubbing random products into the stained material but unfortunately this may end in serious carpet damage. A customer of our carpet cleaning company in Fulham SW6 had experienced an unpleasant sanitary mishap - their beloved dog had accidentally vomited on their beautiful wool carpet, that's why they wanted to secure a professional carpet cleaning service with us as soon as possible.

vomit stain on wool carpet
wool carpet cleaning

How our professional carpet cleaners in Fulham remove carpet stains

In order for our cleaning experts to eliminate stains of any origin, we always advise our customers to simply absorb the moisture out of the fibres and to avoid scrubbing the leftover stain. In this particular case the clients had completed all of the mentioned instructions, which made it easier for us to treat the vomit stain in question.

At first, the affected area was vacuumed, so that no loose particles were left stuck between the fibres. Then the stain was treated with a special eco-friendly solution, which was tested in advance, so that no discoloration was caused to the carpet.

Professional carpet pet stain removal services Fulham SW6

Although we love and cherish our four legged friends eternally, we always have to be extra patient with all the trouble they can cause inside the home.

If you are a proud pet owner in Fulham SW6, who has experienced a pet related sanitary mishap, then you should call “Number One Carpet Cleaning” on 020 3026 0355 and book a professional stain removal or a regular carpet cleaning service.