Removing a drink stain from a hotel carpet in Hammersmith W6


Although one infamous song may go: “A little party never killed somebody…”, it is undeniable that the party venues are the ones dealing with the repercussions following different celebrations. We all know that such events may be incredibly enjoyable for those attending it and so much for those hosting it. Sometimes even a small get-together can end up in unexpected sanitary accidents, regardless of where they take place at. Hotels suffer quite a bit when it comes to accommodating people with differing plans for the evening - while some wish to rest, others prefer to spend time in a social circle and enjoy a drink or two.

However, the hotel maintenance staff can’t always clean stubborn carpet stains, especially those from alcoholic beverages. In these circumstances “Number One Carpet Cleaning” is ready to assist with the tackling of any sanitary mishap.

Getting a drink stain out of a wool carpet

Although wool carpets are a great option for those seeking both comfort and authentic appeal, they are harder to upkeep and the fact that they shouldn’t be treated with just any type of store bought solution makes them suitable only for places, which are being cleaned constantly and with the proper equipment. That’s why most upper-tier hotels are furnished with wool carpeting - it plays an integral part of the interior design because of its unmatched charm.

stains from a drink on hotel carpet
hotel carpet after deep cleaning

However, the regular cleaning staff in hotels isn’t always prepared for the treatment of more severe staining. “Number One Carpet Cleaning”, on the other hand, is able to help with the removal of all kinds of staining.

Not too long ago a hotel in Hammersmith W6 reached out to our carpet cleaning company in hopes of finding professionals, who would be skilled enough to remove a big drink stain from a wool carpet. Our carpet cleaners made sure to only use stain solutions, which are compatible with the wool material. The stained area was covered with a special stain eliminating concentrate and then steam cleaned on a low-moisture setting to ensure the full vanishing of the blemishes. Thanks to the professional machinery we used, the treatment caused no harm to the wool fibres and the carpeting looked brand new.

Carpet stain removal services in Hammersmith W6

Anything that gets spilled on a carpet, regardless of its consistency and chemical content is a force to be reckoned with, especially if you don’t do something immediately about its removal.

You can now book a professional carpet stain removal service in Hammersmith by “Number One Carpet Cleaning” and we’ll revive the appeal of your commercial carpets!