How to Get Makeup stains out of Carpet

At Number One Carpet Cleaning we have a rich experience in successfully removing any type of carpet stains, however, sometimes our technicians are set to deal with the (im)possible, or at least so it seems. Makeup smudges are, indeed, stubborn as a mule, but even they are no great challenge to our carpet cleaners in Chiswick.

How to clean makeup stains from carpet?

On a bright and early Monday morning we received an urgent call from a young Italian lady, who was renting a flat in Chiswick W4. She was beyond worried that an unfortunate mishap has occurred – she spilled mascara on a carpet. All women are aware how much a mascara can enhance one’s looks, but no one talks about the hardships of removing this “beauty booster”, especially when it is a waterproof formula. Instead of coating her long luscious lashes with the mascara, the lady accidentally “beautified” her carpet. What turned this situation into a disaster was the short call from her estate agent, who announced that he was about to make an inspection on Tuesday afternoon. The dreaded phone call had left our customer hopeless and desperately looking for a quick solution to her problem.

Everyone could experience an unexpected sanitary accident, that’s why we at Number One Carpet Cleaning happen to be a call away, when in need of carpet cleaning services in Chiswick. From carpet stain removal to carpet, upholstery and rug cleaning - we manage it all! Check out our Price list.

How we solved it

We managed to secure her an appointment for the next day, despite the very short notice. After our cleaning operator arrived at the location he inspected the carpet in question and stated that it was made out of wool. This very important detail helped him figure out the best cleaning method for this particular material and assisted him in deciding, whether or not he could use certain detergents on the stained area. Fortunately, the smudges were still fresh, so the technician could easily work on the carpet and safely remove these alarming misfortunes.

Within the callout still, we also cleaned the whole bedroom and landing for the young lady. As usual, we followed the standard cleaning procedure – first of all we vacuumed the premises of the entire apartment, then pre-treated the dirty patches with detergents and in the end we used the steam cleaning machine, which inputs hot water and chemicals into the fabric and then extracts it back, leaving the carpets almost completely dry.

Our customer later reported that the inspection of the estate agent has gone perfectly to plan and he was satisfied with the condition of the rented space. What left the agent in awe was how well-kept all the carpets were, which was the icing on the cake for the lady, who no longer experienced anxiety over her little accident.

The conclusion

It is much easier to treat carpet stains while they are still fresh – the more time goes by, the harder it will be for the technician to treat the wool carpet, which as we all found is detrimental to choosing both the suitable cleaning method and the matching chemicals. Based on our experience we recommend not to pre-treat the stains by yourself, because usually it gets worse. Spending extra time, effort and resources is not the perfect scenario for anyone, that’s why you should contact Number One Carpet Cleaning Chiswick as soon as possible, if you want to quickly achieve the much needed aesthetically and sanitary pleasing results.

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