Professional Office Carpet Cleaning in Fulham SW6


The environment in one workplace should exude safety, productivity and of course, cleanliness. These principles should never be overlooked because they create a stable foundation, which then enables the people working in that indoor space to thrive in their career.

Since the office is a place which accommodates different people, who have their individual habits and sanitary requirements, it should be a priority for the business owner or the manager to make sure that the upkeep of the space is always spot on. And “Number One Carpet Cleaning” is the one professional carpet cleaning company in London, which will transform the appearance of your office’s floors.

Cleaning office carpets in Fulham SW6

Most offices have carpeted floors, which may be a key part of the interior design and also very convenient, but that doesn’t mean that those in charge of the workplace put enough thought into how the state of the carpets can influence the atmosphere at the office.

coffee stains on office carpet
perfectly cleaned office carpet

The manager of one small company in Fulham had recently reached out to our carpet cleaning company, in order to hire our team of professional carpet cleaners and give the office carpets the proper maintenance they need. We inspected the condition of the carpet tiles at the given office and stated that not only had it already lost its initial colour but there were also many stains next to some of the desks. Perhaps the people who worked there were quite clumsy with their coffee cups and have therefore caused some accidental spilling, which when not treated immediately, had turned into stubborn staining.

We vacuumed the carpeting and focused especially on the areas with higher foot traffic, which then enabled us to have a dirt-free surface to work on. Over the severely stained tiles we applied a special spot-eliminating chemical which dissolved the old blemishes. After that the steam cleaning method was successfully carried out and that resulted in the complete vanishing of the coffee stains. Our hot water extraction machine was set to operate on a low moisture setting, which was the reason why the carpet didn’t need additional drying and the work process inside the office was not disturbed.

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The “Number One Carpet Cleaning” team is trained and equipped to treat any office carpet, which is in dire need of deep cleaning. Visit our carpet cleaning service in Fulham page, book with us and let us transform the atmosphere in the entire workplace!

stained carpet in office
professionally cleaned office carpet