Oriential rug cleaning

At Number One Carpet Cleaning we have the equipment, chemicals, experience and confidence to clean all types of rugs. Rugs cleaning, whatever custom-made rugs, oriental rugs or readymade rugs requires specific knowledge because of the variety of different fibres and colour dyes used to produce those home warming pieces. Rugs differ from carpets mainly because their patterns are made from different colours and very often by different materials.


The Job

This particular job was a perfect example of how complicated professional rug cleaning can be. Our client had 9 different rugs collected from all around the world, the rugs were different age with different wear and tare and on top of all she had 2 very old dogs.

The rugs varied from authentic Iranian rugs to hand made Turkish kilim that was 30 years old. Most of the rugs were hand made wool and some had different silk patterns. Once the client contacted us and explained what her request was we immediately proposed to have a free of charge site visit to establish all the work that has to be done and provide an accurate quote for professional rug cleaning.


The Cleaning Process

Once we established that there are bad stains or damage on her rugs we explained the process that we will follow to make sure we get the best cleaning results for her while protecting her rugs. The cleaning process was the following: we would first pre vacuum the rugs with a professional upright vacuum cleaner to make sure we remove all dry dust from the rugs, we will then pre-spray the rugs with an appropriate chemical, with a low PH, for the specific fibre each rug was made of, after we will gently agitate the chemicals on the rug and leave it for 10-15 min to dissolve any dirt, air oils and bacteria withing the natural fires. We will complete the cleaning process by rinsing and extracting the pre-sprayed chemicals with a hot water extraction machine using water at the just right temperature and neutralizing rinse chemical so none of the colours does not bleed – this is the key and ingredients’ for preserving and restoring the look of those colourful rugs.

The Client`s Feedback

After our visit we submitted a quote via email and within a week in a convenient time for the client we performed the cleaning. The results was amazing and the client extremely satisfied!

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