Cleaning red wine from hotel carpet in Wandsworth


Keeping your commercial property neat and clean is a must, however it isn’t always that easy to maintain the impeccable look of either floors or soft furniture pieces. Carpets are statement pieces for any hotel - they add so much to the atmosphere of the establishment and its interior design. It is crucial to choose the right carpet material and pattern, so that the upkeep isn't that big of a hassle for the maintenance staff. However, there are unexpected accidents which compromise both the appearance of the carpet and its cleanliness.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that in such circumstances the regular hotel cleaner isn’t equipped or skillful enough to get rid of terrible carpet staining. That’s why “Number One Carpet Cleaning” is always ready to operate on commercial premises, which must be cleaned in shorter time periods so that the clients of the business aren’t disturbed.

Cleaning a hotel carpet in Wandsworth SW18

The best part about hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is that the technicians come to the location with all the needed machinery, on which relies a significant part of the cleaning procedure. Without the proper equipment, it would be extremely hard to do the deep clean a commercial carpet most definitely needs.

red wine on carpet in Wandsworth hotek
carpet in a hotel in Wandsworth deeply cleaned

We were booked for a professional commercial stain removal service in Wandsworth SW18. The hotel carpet was stained with red wine, which as we all know can cause serious discoloration, when not treated on time. It was our carpet cleaners’ responsibility to bring back the spotless look of the floor.

The carpeting was vacuumed and then prepared with some special stain vanishing solution, which had to sit for a few minutes, so that the agent could embed itself deep into the stained fibres and start working its magic. Since the material of the carpet was eligible for steam cleaning, we used the hot water extraction machine to really eject all the grime away from the floor covering. The whole procedure was fast and done without any difficulty, which is why the hotel manager assured the carpet cleaners that from now on they would trust only their services.

Professional carpet cleaning services for hotels

Your commercial carpets are in good hands, if you choose “Number One Carpet Cleaning”, that’s why you shouldn’t miss out on our latest deals!

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