Coffee stain removal from carpet Chiswick SW4


Sunrises are beautiful to watch but in order to witness that part of the day, you have to be able to wake up early enough to enjoy a good start of the day. Early mornings are probably not everyone’s favourite part of the day and some find them pretty dreadful but there’s no doubt that a warm cup of coffee is capable of transforming a walking dead creature into a regular human.

But surprises always tend to creep around the corner. Coffee spills can turn a good start of the day into a miserable one - from almost ready to head out the door to kneeling on the floor trying to remove the spillage from the carpet.

You don’t have to struggle like that anymore because there are great carpet cleaners, who will do their job perfectly, without disturbing your own professional duties.

Cleaning coffee stain from a carpet

“Number One Carpet Cleaning” doesn’t perform only scheduled regular carpet cleaning services, we are prepared to assist in emergency situations, too. Most often customers contact us when they’re dealing with an accidental spillage on their floor covering and have lost faith in succeeding with its removal. That’s when we step in to prove that no blemish is stubborn enough for our professional carpet cleaners in Chiswick SW4.

coffee stains on a carpet
carpet after cleaning in Chiswick

A distraught customer gave us a call in the early hours of the day to explain the circumstances they were in and how much they needed some help with the mess they’ve caused. Since it wasn’t a busy work day ahead of us, we immediately booked them an emergency carpet stain removal service in Chiswick SW4 and made sure we arrived at the given address as soon as possible.

The carpet in question was still soaked in coffee so we blotted away the excess moisture and then proceeded with the actual stain treatment. It was good news that the spillage was still fresh and we could use a detergent with a less aggressive formula. After the problematic area was covered with the stain removal solution, it was left to sit for a few minutes. Then the technicians used the hot water extraction machine to clean the leftover grime.

The procedure was completed just in time for the customer to finally leave for work and for them to state that our company has earned a new regular client.

Professional carpet stain removal services Chiswick SW4

If you are struggling with the removal of blemishes and spots on your carpet and you live in the Chiswick area, then you should contact Number One Carpet Cleaning Chiswick and take advantage of our locally provided services!