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Our technicians at Number One Carpet Cleaning Putney have plenty of knowledge and skills, which have helped them acquire great experience through the years of practicing this notable job. Up-to-date equipment and reliable cleaning chemicals are, indeed, the key to productively performing any carpet cleaning services. But achieving flawless results is only possible when we, as a company, connect with our clients and assist their needs up to the standards they have.

How to clean coffee stains from carpets?

A while ago a landlady booked a professional carpet cleaning service for her flat in Putney, Wandsworth. As it appeared, there were coffee stains on a white carpet. We all acknowledge that white carpets and coffee stains don’t go hand in hand. Although these sanitary anxieties have surfaced after the last tenants had left, there were newcomers in the flat, whose habitual activities were about to become a potential threat to the overall level of hygiene in the apartment. After we managed to deal perfectly with the unpleasant coffee smudges, the landlady was impressed with the job we have done so it was a no brainer for her to recommend our services to the new tenants.

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How we proceed with move out carpet cleaning

Our company is well aware that most landlords are bound to have a hard time dealing with the aftermath of accommodating messy residents. Soon after the new tenants had settled in, they started experiencing sanitary mishaps, which inevitably led them to contacting us, when they were about to move out . The victim was the usual suspect – that white carpet had once again been in the eye of the “stain storm”. This time the damage was caused by various types of makeup products. Unfortunately, that damage could have been disastrous, if the girls had not called us this early. Such carpet stains are easier to be cleaned, only when they’re still fresh. This type of cleaning emergency was only the beginning to a greater range of carpet misfortunes. By the time of the scheduled appointment, our customers have managed to generate more carpet drama. An unfortunate act of clumsiness has brought our girls to an emotional state of despair. Coke may be the perfect beverage to be sipping on while winding down after a stressful day, but it sure is no friend to any fabric, especially when it is unexpectedly spilled on it. Our carpet cleaners in Putney are prepared for almost any case scenario, that’s why they managed to successfully assist our clients, even after the unforeseen events.

After closer consideration our technicians decided how exactly to operate on all stained areas. The material of the carpet played a big role in choosing the right cleaning technique and applying the suitable cleansing detergents to the surface. Every carpet cleaning session begins with deeply vacuuming the entire carpeted area to get rid of any filth. Then we scrub the cleaning chemicals by hand to properly pre-treat the smudges that need an extra “push” to be fully eliminated. Following that procedure we then put into action the steam cleaning machine, which injects hot water under high pressure deep into the fabric and extracts it back.

What we appreciate the most is the customer`s feedback. We received a great feedback from the owner!

If you are a landlord or a tenant yourself, and you happen to be in an urgent need of professional carpet cleaning services, we will be glad to introduce you to all of our cleaning offers, which vary from carpet stain removal to both rug and upholstery cleaning.

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