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Specialising in a full range of commercial carpet cleaning services we offer an efficient and professional steam cleaning method which includes vacuuming, stain removal and stain protection and can be tailor-made to suit your needs.

However, our advanced carpet cleaners are the reason why "Number One Carpet Cleaning" is considered as a top-notch commercial carpet cleaning service.

We provide commercial carpet cleaning services to hotels, office buildings, pubs and restaurants, schools and colleges, and retail premises. Whether you’re a small company or a multinational corporation, our expert carpet cleaners will take care of your commercial environment, working quickly and flexibly to minimise disruption to your business.

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We use the latest, market-leading hot water extraction equipment to give your commercial carpets the deepest clean possible while ensuring they are dry enough to walk on straight away, which is a must priority for any business owner.

Our carpet deodorizers neutralize odours to leave hygienic, fresh carpets that not only look spotless, but smell amazing, too.

After cleaning, our stain protection service offers permanent effective stain protection to all types of carpets, regardless of the material. Applying a protective solution to rhe floor coverings in any commercial space forms an invisible barrier around the carpet fibres, which helps to repel liquids and dirt ensuring they stay cleaner for longer.

When using "Number One Carpet Cleaning"’s commercial cleaning service, you will:

  • Save time and money by taking care of all your commercial cleaning needs at once.
  • Save money by extending the life of your carpets.
  • Improve the appearance of your business premises – first impressions count.
  • Provide a clean, safe and hygienic workplace for your staff.

Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Our commercial carpet cleaning service uses the latest cleaning techniques and equipment to deliver odour-free, clean and hygienic carpets to your hotel, restaurant, office or a block of flats. We can work in flexible working hours ensuring minimal disruption to your business. We create bespoke carpet cleaning programmes to identify heavy, moderate and light traffic areas to provide the best and most cost-effective solution for you. Thanks to our team of professional carpet cleaners, who always do a great job when treating any carpeted area, even pretentious commercial customers are left satisfied .

"Number One Carpet Cleaning" is ready to assist YOUR business

Whether you have a long carpeted hallways, small and big working spaces or even carpeted staircases, it is impossible to keep all the flooring in a high traffic indoor space clean. Therefore a carpet cleaner would be a great help when dealing with stubborn stains, discolored carpet area and the most important weekly maintenance tasks.

If you're looking for a carpet cleaning company in the London areas which is ready to provide its customers a top notch commercial carpet cleaning service, then "Number One Carpet Cleaning" is all set to get any carpet cleaned. We are able to perform the most effective carpet cleaning methods, so if a regualar steam cleaning isn't a good choice for the more delicate carpets, then we have the needed detergents and tools to treat your carpet with more suitable techniques.

Get in touch with a representative in our London office to get more detailed information about our commercial carpet cleaning services. Book a fully insured professional cleaning service and leave all worries to the carpet cleaner. All the carpets in your commercial premises are in safe hands!

Our commercial cleaning services give you


Professional cleaning of all types of carpets, upholstery and rugs


Fast, friendly and efficient service from highly skilled technicians


Expert stain removal and stain protection service


Quick drying times and flexible working hours ensuring minimal disruption to your business

Choose Our Commercial Cleaning Process

We will move furniture where possible like tables, chairs etc. Anything that if flat on the carpet we will suggest to not be moved as the carpet won`t be able to dry properly underneath.
We will pre-spray the carpets with the appropriate chemicals and to help to loosen dirt and stains.
The method known as steam cleaning. The machines spray hot water into the carpets and extracts it right back. This way the water circulate through the carpets, dissolves and extracts all dirt, bacteria and leaves in in dirt and chemicals free state.
Where necessary we will treat every stain individually wit the appropriate stain removal chemical
Our Phenomenal Nano Protection is available as extra option for you now. This will provide you protection for your carpet until the next time we clean it. You can easily mop up spillages and it will prolong the life of the carpet as well as no grit will adhere to the fibres and wear it out through its grinding action. In our professional opinion this last step is a must in order to prevent spills set deep in. Scotch guarding will be charged separately.
After that thorough carpet cleaning for a perfect finish of your carpets we will gently spray antibacterial carpet deodorant which will dry off on your carpet and will keep its fresh aroma for weeks.


To find out more about our complete range of commercial cleaning services, or to request a free home survey call us today : 020 36323212

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