100% cotton rug off-site cleaning in Hammersmith W6


Cotton rugs may be the perfect statement piece for your bedroom, however the tenants often forget that they come with a set of specific maintenance requirements. Since the needs of this type of rug material are mostly not met, the floor covering itself starts to lose its original appeal.

Professional Cotton Rug Cleaning Hammersmith

“Number One Carpet Cleaning” has had the opportunity to assist an elderly couple residing in Hammersmith W6 with their rug cleaning chores. As it appeared most of their 100% cotton rug had undergone a lot of foot traffic and had also started to turn yellow. The bad condition of this rug was a result of yearslong lack of proper upkeep but despite that our rug cleaners succeed in transforming the look of the rug.

By providing them with our Rug collection and delivery services, the customers didn’t have to worry about having other people at their home. Especially during the pandemic our off-site rug cleaning services have been a total treat to all those who wanted to have their rug professionally treated but wanted to opt for a safer option.

100% cotton rug
cotton rug stain removal

Off-site rug cleaning services

Our rug cleaner in Hammersmith collected the rug from the given address and took it to our special rug cleaning facility, where it was cleaned with the proper tools and detergents. Our technicians carefully vacuumed and steam cleaned both sides of the cotton rug. A drying machine was also put into action to ensure the complete elimination of excess moisture from the rug, which had initially led to its unpleasant discoloration. After all of these procedures the floor covering was dropped off at the home of the clients in the time frame they found most convenient.

Best Rug Cleaning Company Hammersmith

If you are a proud owner of a 100% cotton rug, which needs to be maintained by professional rug cleaners, then “Number One Carpet Cleaning” in Hammersmith W6 is the one reliable rug cleaning service provider you can totally trust.