Number One Carpet Cleaning has been operating in the cleaning industry since 2014. Although we are specialized mainly in carpet, upholstery, rug, mattress and curtain cleaning, we also provide deep Covid-19 treatment for offices and other commercial properties. Throughout our 6 years of experience we have done our best to be on top of every situation we are into. We have accomplished that by always using the best and newest techniques on the market as well as the newest and most effective cleaning products and equipment on the market so far.

Safety measures we have taken

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic we have taken our safety measures to another level. As we want to make sure that our customers as well as our employees are safe we have provided Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for every single technician of ours. We have stocked enough disinfectant solutions, safety masks, gloves and protective overshoes. Our professionals are trained how to operate in the current situation of Corona virus pandemic. Their body temperature is checked daily. To make sure we avoid pro contamination we dispose of gloves, safety masks and protective shoes and we sanitize our cleaning equipment after every job. Despite of the current state of the economy we have managed to keep all of our employees working full hours.

New services during the pandemic

In relation to the events going on throughout the state we have developed and launched a new service called Antiviral Sanitation which helps to prevent further decontamination of Covid 19. Our professionals are equipped with professional foggers and with this equipment we can easily disinfect every single corner of your property, even otherwise unreachable areas.

We have also picked the more important information about the Corona virus and how to prevent it:

Number One Carpet Cleaning urges you to remain calm and stay at home!