Cleaning of draft marks from a carpet in Putney SW15


Have you ever noticed that there have been black lines appearing on the edges or other parts of your carpet? If you have had this problem before, then you know that even after you try to get rid of them by scrubbing a store bought solution, they don’t disappear completely and even appear yet again after a certain period of time. These unpleasant carpet blemishes are called draft or draught marks and are a sign of polluted air, which is being “caught” in the fibres. Getting rid of such black lines is indeed a sisyphean task, which should be addressed by professionals.

Professional removal of carpet draft marks

Although you may think that you live in a decently clean indoor space, there’s a lot that doesn’t meet the eye until there are long term consequences. If you live in a fairly old building or the area your home is situated in is very busy, then chances are that the quality of the air coming inside your place isn’t good at all. This is the reason why the carpets are prone to not only collecting loose dirt from foot traffic but also trap the polluted air.

We at “Number One Carpet Cleaning” have helped many customers deal with the unpleasant draft marks on their carpet, however our job is just a small part of solving a greater problem.

dirty carpet Putney London
carpet after cleaning Putney

Not too long ago we completed a professional carpet cleaning service in Putney SW15, during which the carpet cleaners had to focus on removing the draft marks from the edges of a regular carpet. Since the carpeted area we operated on was located in a room which was used very often by the tenant it was no surprise that such blemishes had appeared there.

During the process the professional carpet cleaner had to first vacuum the entire carpet and then apply a concentrated stain removal solution to the edges. This step was crucial for eliminating the million pieces of microscopic dust which had been layering there for months. After the procedure was over there were no longer black lines along the edges of the carpet and the client was now informed about the ways they could prevent such draft marks.

Professional carpet cleaning company Putney SW15

We at “Number One Carpet Cleaning” don’t need a crystal ball to tell that most people prefer to avoid doing their carpet cleaning chores, which is why we’re just one call away from taking that burden off your shoulders. Read more about our carpet cleaning services in Putney and get in touch with us here!