Take away rug cleaning

Number One Carpet Cleaning specializes in professional and deep rug cleaning and removing of all kind of stains from both standard and delicate rugs. For your convenience we can take your rugs away, clean them in our facility and return them back at your home.

Offsite Rug cleaning

With professional rug cleaning collection and delivery services you don`t have to worry about anything. We will collect the rug from your home, clean it and dry it at our own specially designed facility and bring it back to you.

Rug Cleaning Pickup and Delivery

Offsite rug cleaning in many cases is much more efficient then cleaning a rug in your home, especially when it cоmes to wool or viscose rugs or rugs with bad stains. Often when dealing with bad stains on area rugs we need to use large amount of cleaning chemicals or even extract the stain from both side of the rug which is risky when the rug is on top of a wooden floor.

The biggest advantage of using rug collection and cleaning services is the convenience.

How do you clean rug offsite?

When we pick up your rug we will inspect it in your home or once we bring it back to our rug cleaning facility and report back to you any information we think is necessary. First step is dusting off using special equipment to remove fine dust not only from the fibers but from the base and backing of the rug. This is something that we can only do in our facility.

Then your rug then will be thoroughly vacuum cleaned with professional upright vacuum cleaner.

The next step is pre – spraying with appropriate cleaning chemicals for the rug based on the fiber it is made of and the condition. Large quantities will be used if needed.

Agitation with a contra rotating brushing machine or by hand for the once made of fine fabric is also a part of the process.

Every stain will be treated based on its origin with safe and effective cleaning products.

The following step is hot water extraction with a steam cleaning machine that provides a very deep cleaning.

Most importantly – fast drying with air mover while hanging on specially designed racking for rug cleaning facility.

The finishing step is thoroughly deodorizing with long lasting antibacterial deodorants.

Some of the above steps such as the dusting and drying can`t be done in your home and for other we use equipment that can`t be transported so if you want to take great of your rugs – pick up and drop off rug cleaning services is the right solution for you.

You might ask – is your drop off cleaning services near me? As we are a local rug cleaning company and to keep return times to minimal we offer these services only in the local areas around Fulham SW6. Here are the areas we cover for Carpet, Upholstery and Rug cleaning - Putney SW15, Hammersmith W6, Chelsea SW3 and SW10, Wandsworth SW18, Barnes SW14.

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If you still wonder "Where can I take my rug to be cleaned?" do not hesitate to fill out the contact form and our operators will get back to you shortly!

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