What to do when dealing with a coffee stain on carpet?


Ditching bad habits and starting fresh is always a pleasant way to mark a new beginning, however clumsiness is one unfortunate trait that’s hard to simply remove from human nature. And this is how yet again you find yourself in a situation which involves immediate sanitation treatment, because you were careless enough to drop your cup of hot coffee on your carpet. Thankfully, “Number One Carpet Cleaning” in Wandsworth is a call away from helping you deal with the mess.

How to get rid of coffee stains on carpet?

Our professional carpet cleaning company in Wandsworth SW18 had an eventful first month of the new year. The first job we were hired to do involved the removal of a coffee stain from a wool carpet. Our client had accidentally spilled his hot coffee all over their carpet and was clueless as to what’s best to undertake in that situation. Instead of taking a risk and trying to scrub the stains out of the wool himself, a way smarter approach was considered - he just absorbed as much of the liquid as possible with paper towels and then proceeded to contact us.

coffee stains in Wandsworth - first job for 2023
coffe stain removing wandsworth job
complete coffee stain removal wandsworth service

Since white wool carpets can be easily stained but harder to clean, it’s always recommended that you follow our customer’s example. Try to carefully blot away the trapped liquid and then seek professional assistance!

The scheduled carpet stain removal service went to plan, thanks to the thoughtful actions of the man. Our professional carpet cleaners applied the proper stain eliminating detergent, which was able to dissolve the coffee blemishes completely. After that the hot water extraction machine helped fully clean the entire problematic area, which was exactly what was needed to finalise the stain removal process.

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If you’ve started the new year on the wrong foot and have therefore experienced unfortunate accidents concerning the hygiene levels of your carpeting, there’s no more time to waste.

Get in touch our team on 020 3026 0355 to schedule a professional carpet stain removal service, which will set the tone for the upcoming better days, when you won’t have to stare at your damaged carpet.