Removing a green smoothie from a carpet in Battersea


Having a healthy lifestyle has to include everything from eating fresh and clean produce to exercising a few times a week. And although coach potatoes may be reluctant to the idea of adopting some of these productive habits, there are people who religiously take care of themselves by practising the aforementioned activities. Believe it or not eating healthy does come at a high cost, especially for those who cherish having products for making smoothies every single morning. However, these colourful beverages may cause not only financial damage but also some carpet cleaning issues.

Removing green smoothie stains from carpet

Not too long ago “Number One Carpet Cleaning”’s carpet cleaners were booked for an emergency professional carpet cleaning service in Battersea SW11. The customer was a young lady who had accidentally spilled green smoothie on her grey carpet. Since she had just moved into that apartment she didn’t want to start off her tenancy on a bad foot and decided to contact us, in order to make sure that the stain was taken care of by professionals.

smoothie on grey carpet
carpet after cleaning in Battersea

The client explained that this wasn’t the first time she had experienced such mishaps but she also never could remove the stain completely. The reason behind that is the improper application of detergents and also the scrubbing which can be very harmful for some carpet fibres. That’s why we advised her to take a white towel and blot away as much of the liquid as possible until our team was able to come and deal with the blemishes.

The professional carpet cleaners arrived at the location the same day and luckily the stain was still somewhat moist which made it easier to treat it. The stained area was once again blotted and stain removal solution was applied to it. After 15 mins the dissolved staining was cleaned with a clean microfiber towel and to top it all off the technicians steam cleaned the area to ensure it’s full sanitation. No green spots were left on the surface and thanks to the powerful hot water extraction machine the entire carpet retrieved its fresh appearance.

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The best part about hiring professional carpet cleaners is the extra free time you’ll get while somebody else cleans up your mess. Get in touch with our carpet cleaners in Battersea SW11 and let us take care of all carpet cleaning chores, while you enjoy a cup of nice afternoon tea!