How often should you clean your carpets?

It is beyond obvious that carpets have their special sanitation needs, because unlike hardwood flooring, you can't simply sweep away all the loose dirt on the surface and just call it a day. When carpets are your choice of floor coverings, you have to define what type of cleaning treatment will be most suitable for them, in order to be prepared for their weekly upkeep. Establishing a cleaning routine for the carpets is vital to the overall level of hygiene of your entire home.

Finding what works best for the upkeep cycle of the carpets is every housekeeper's main responsibility. However, it is not that easy to inspect the specifics of the carpet and the purpose of the place it is located in.

Before we break down the most proper frequency of maintaining carpets, we have to go over what is already common knowledge about the basics of carpet cleaning. After that a thorough examination will be made of all the different cleaning methods and their benefits and disadvantages when it comes to the cleaning frequency of a carpet. It is important to note that the following information applies not only for domestic carpets but for commercial ones, too.

Essential carpet cleaning advice

  • Always coordinate the cleaning tools and products with the material of the carpet.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals and non efficiently working machines.
  • Make time for vacuuming your carpet thoroughly at least once a week.
  • Have your carpet professionally cleaned whenever you have that opportunity.

The most significant piece of advice anyone can adhere to is actually not to buy and have a carpet that you're not capable of maintaining. Sticking with convenience is like a golden ticket to keeping your home clean.

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Factors affecting the carpet cleaning practice

The number of tenants at your home has a big influence on the frequency of cleaning. Some may say the more, the merrier, but for the ones that perform the upkeep of the living space it may sound more like - the more, the dirtier. Sure, high traffic and staining are inevitable in a house full of people of all ages, but that doesn't mean that you can easily avoid such unsanitary conditions of your floors. When you have the Brady bunch at home, you have to clean your floor coverings at least a few times a week, otherwise the filth will build up in the carpet fibers and you'll have a harder time deep cleaning it.

Toddlers and kids are capable of causing a mess every chance they have - eating, playing, potty training, all of these are great examples of why your children can be your carpet's best enemy. Plus, it's not only the trouble they can make on the carpeting that indicates more frequent cleaning, the floors must always be clean, so that your crawling babies clothes don't end up collecting all the embedded filth.

Walking with your shoes inside may be convenient for those who are always in and out the house, but it can be detrimental to your carpet's life and it's sanitary conditions. Especially, if you have a light colored carpet, walking with your shoes on it will make it look dirtier even more, which if not treated, may be the reason you'll have to create a special carpet fund for more frequent professional cleaning.

Pets are great contributors to the accumulation of hair and dirt in the carpet fibers. Not only do they like to roll over the carpet, but when not trained they can also urinate on it, causing not only a stain but also unpleasant urine smells. Having pets at home means that you have to upgrade your cleaning habits and deep clean your carpet every week, in order to preserve its appearance and cleanliness. When there is visible grime and loose hairs on the surface, you have to vacuum it at least a couple times weekly.

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How often should I vacuum carpets?

Vacuuming is the most essential floor cleaning chore, which prepares the carpet for any other cleaning interventions like stain removal or steam cleaning. Unlike the latter, vacuuming can be done more often and in fact, it is the number one cleaning activity that should always be performed, regardless if any other treatment will be completed. However, there are still some thinner carpet materials which are prone to damaging when vacuumed on a higher suction setting, so avoid deep cleaning these, but rather vacuum them weekly on a lower setting.

Vacuuming domestic carpets

Since we have already discussed the factors which navigate how often one housekeeper should clean a carpet, it is now easier for anyone to figure out what situation they're in and how they'll deal with the aftermath of having a lot of foot traffic and constant dirt coming into the home.

The general standard is to vacuum the carpeted areas at your home two times every week, that way you will:

  • prevent all types of dirt to immerse itself deep in the carpet;
  • reduce the amount of bacteria and allergens;
  • revamp the fluffiness of the carpet;

Of course, you have to take into close consideration the density of carpet and the foot traffic, which may mean that cleaning it two times per week may not be enough. Even if the surface doesn't appear to be dirty, just think of all the people who have come in and gone out of the office space.

Vacuuming commercial carpets

Many commercial indoor spaces have carpeted floors, because they can act both as an atmosphere booster and as a more convenient and comfortable flooring choice. Many offices have adopted the carpet as their stylish, yet home-feely piece of decor. But in order to sustain their appearance, one should take care of them on a daily basis.

Vacuuming carpeted areas in offices and other commercial properties should be daily. This helps maintain a decent level of hygiene

How often should I steam clean carpets?

Regular vacuuming is a must, but steam cleaning should not be overlooked, especially if your carpet is desperately expecting to be deep cleaned. This cleaning procedure will rejuvenate the look of the carpet, it is also used to restore the fluffiness of the carpet and will get rid of allergy inducing particles.

Steam cleaning carpets in domestic spaces

Putting that hot water extraction machine into action once every month or two is a total gamechanger to people with pets and seasonal allergies. The steam cleaning method not only ensures that all the build up filth will be completely eliminated but it also helps with removing stains and leaves the surface disinfected. Therefore it can also help with removing lingering odors from the carpet.

Although you can freely complete this procedure by yourself, it is always better, if you can afford to have the carpet cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner at least once a year.

Steam cleaning carpets in commercial spaces

It is obvious that any commercial space attracts much more dirt and bacteria due to the fact that it accommodates all kinds of people with different hygiene habits. That's why it is vital to not only vacuum regularly, but also to properly deep clean the high traffic carpet areas.

It is suggested that steam cleaning commercial carpet should definitely be on the monthly agenda. Performing this procedure at least once a month is the best option for offices and businesses, which care about the sanitary and the aesthetic state of their carpeted floors.

Here you can find more information about our commercial carpet cleaning service.

When to have a carpet professionally cleaned

It would be great, if you can have your carpeted areas professionally cleaned at least once a year. But since booking such services can be costly and complicated, many put off the very much needed advanced treatment. However, there should never be any contemplation that professional help is always a great way to level up the maintenance of the carpets. Because the trained technicians will be able to efficiently get rid of all the grime and the stains covering the flooring.

In order to figure out when it's appropriate to have your carpet professionally treated, you can answer the following questions with "yes" or "no":

  • Are there visible blemishes on the carpet which are impossible to remove?
  • Does it still look dirty even after you have cleaned it?
  • Is there an unpleasant smell coming from it?
  • Do you want the carpet to regain its initial look?

If you have answered with an astounding "yes" to all of the questions, then it's probably time to hire someone with experience and professional equipment to assist you with the carpet cleaning.

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