What to look for when picking a Carpet Cleaning Company


There is a very infamous saying, that most of us seem to forget at times that accuracy and efficiency should be a top priority - Measure twice, cut once. Although you may not be the overthinking type, who always has the best and the worst scenario played in his head when planning or undergoing anything, choosing the right carpet cleaning service provider may be the first time even a laidback tenant will dwell upon the numerous offers there are in the service-based industry.

Sure, it doesn’t always have to be such a torturous task to book a carpet cleaning service with a random company which seems to provide affordable, yet quality services. But getting that job done by an incompetent “cleaner” in unconvenient time for either a very low or a highly exaggerated price will definitely have you re-considering your options the next time you hire a so-called professional carpet cleaning technician.

So here are a few significant questions you should keep in mind when searching for a professional carpet cleaning company, which should only assist your needs and does not take advantage of a malinformed noob reaching out for help with cleaning.

Is the cleaning company certified?

Every time you embark on the online journey of looking for a carpet cleaning company operating in your area, there will be two words that will pop up constantly in search result pages - professional and certified. Even though a trendy looking website with a lot of pictures, important information regarding the services and a user-friendly booking form may scream Reliable, sometimes the truth is far away from these glamorized, rip off-worthy traps. Clearly, it’s way easier to write about providing professional sanitising services, than to actually fulfill these duties by proving so.

Watch out! While your Persian carpet undergoes a not so professional treatment by decent looking cleaners, both your wallet and your floor covering are being scammed.

Is the service fully insured?

In the acting and dancing world there is a very common phrase which performers would say to each other before hitting the stage - Break a leg! Of course, having the opportunity to perform and get paid for it is the best fate an actor could have, but the carpet cleaners may somehow unintentionally also have a part in a similar sanitising skit, which may indeed end in an actual break a leg situation.

During the sanitising process, the technicians may cause some damage to other furniture pieces, too. Not only the rug they’re working on could suffer a potential harm, your favourite coffee table can also have an unpleasant break a leg moment.

carpet cleaning hallway
stained carpet in hallway

In such cases, a reliable and professional cleaning company should be able to step in and take responsibility in whatever unpleasant situation their workers have caused.

Does the company offer a reimbursement?

Everyone loves to hear that the company, they have hired to do a certain job for them, has a money back guarantee policy. Not only will you be assured, that if the results don’t match your sanitary standards, the company will gladly come to do what’s left unfinished, but you can also get reimbursed, if what was done was far away from professional and didn’t even resemble what the company has initially promised.

Any business who is conceited enough in the quality of their work would offer a compensation, if something goes wrong.

What type of reviews does the carpet cleaning company have?

No matter how many advertisements a person sees, chances are they won’t fully trust any company’s expertise until a friend recommends their services. But as we live in a global village, in which communication is limitless and the Internet has had the power of merging our virtual and nonvirtual comrades when exchanging opinions and experiences. Therefore the Google reviews are considered as the most reliable source of collecting a client`s feedback.

If you have been contemplating which company to hire for carpet cleaning purposes, chances are Google listings will give you a great overview of any business customer satisfaction rate.

Most professional carpet cleaning companies aren’t afraid to show their reviews directly on their website, regardless of the average star rating.

Does the company have diverse experience?

Believe it or not, cleaning companies like to brag mostly about their high-end clients, just like any other business. That means that if the commercial cleaning services they have done for any well-known corporation and they had good feedback for their job, it will be all over their social media and the website, too.

However, being hired by a significantly large firm proves that the company is capable of taking on immense amounts of cleaning work, but providing services for the common domestic needs should also be well-portrayed, otherwise the big sharks won’t be enough to influence one’s opinion about getting a quote with a certain cleaning services provider.

What type of equipment do they use?

Professional cleaning companies take pride in the tools and detergents they work with when treating carpets. Since there is a big variety of carpet materials and the indoor environment they're in also affects the way any technician would do his job, having reliable and powerful machinery is always a great advantage.

Offering different cleaning methods and performing them all equally effectively would mean that the range of machinery and the expertise of the technician are great enough to assist any domestic and commercial carpet hygiene mishaps.

Eco-friendly detergents and sustainable sanitising techniques are not only better for the environment but also for the entire indoor space, too.

Is there a Great Cleaning Company Near Me?

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