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Wool rugs should be a staple furniture piece in any home – they can give your room a more sophisticated or a contrasting laidback look, and are comfortable to step on. They are loved by many because no matter how simple or extravagant looking they are, the appeal of any room is instantly elevated by such floor coverings. You can easily turn your home office into a nice and welcoming space by enhancing its interior with a brand new rug or you can add some pizzazz to your living room with a colourful and spunky looking wool rug which is set to accommodate only good vibes within the premises of one’s home. Kids love to play with their toys on the plushy surface of the wool rug and pets are often found sleeping on them, because they are just too comfortable and cozy to not take advantage of them.

Even though woolen rugs have a big presence on the market and can be found in almost any home, most people don’t have the accurate wool rug cleaning know-how.

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Clean Wool Rugs

Efficient wool rug cleaning tips

Cleaning your carpets and rugs at home is one of the most intricate parts of your weekly cleaning routine. Sure, doing your household chores is not the most enjoyable way to spend your weekend, but it should never be an underestimated duty. Sanitising your floors and all the rugs, covering it should not just be done regularly, but also has to be executed properly. Wool rugs are beautiful when you see them in the store, but after they have spent some time on the floor at your house somehow all that vibrancy and freshness of this fluffy furniture piece is completely gone. Of course, that’s because you have not been treating it right and now are left with the consequences of your cleaning flaws. Don't waste time wondering how to clean wool rug! Here are a few easy cleaning steps that will help you with the upkeep of your favourite rugs:

Shake out and vacuum all the dirt

No matter how many people there are in your household, dirt is a very fond “friend” of all the upholstery furniture pieces, carpets and rugs – as though grime is also looking for the perfect home where it can create a family nest for all the bacteria and of course, your wool rug has the most promising prospects of becoming grime’s chosen residence. Wool fibers most literally take hostage of any dust and loose dirt, that’s why you should shake out the rug as often as possible and vacuum it, too.

It is recommended that you shake out the rug on a weekly basis and depending on the fragility of the rug fibers one wool rug should be vacuumed twice a month. These suggestions vary depending on the number of tenants, the location of the rug, the presence of pets and toddlers on the property. If there is more traffic on the rug, it is a no-brainer that you will shake out and vacuum it more often, but still be careful with the beater bar on the vacuum machine because the rug fibres could start shedding and consequently be damaged.

Clean Wool Rugs
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Use sanitizing solution for wool rugs

Most often you will hear your friends sharing adulting advice with you and every time you ask them about some rug cleaning advice, they suggest using a laundry detergent. Woolite is the best option for cleaning wool rugs because it is gentle and won’t do any harm to the delicate wool fibers.

  • Fill 2 buckets with plain cold water. Add 1 cup of Woolite in one of the buckets.
  • Apply the cleaning solution with a sponge but do not soak the rug, just dab onto the surface.
  • Work in small sections and don’t rub.
  • Soak another sponge in the clean water and blot away any left residue.

There are plenty of products on the market that will work for most rugs, but if you don’t want to risk damaging the rug with any harsh chemicals, you can totally

Make your own rug cleaning solution

Before reaching out to your pantry to take the white vinegar you like putting in your salad dressings or the baking soda you use when baking cookies, don't you ever think of the ubiquitous purposes of these two ingredients. Sure, baking soda won't do wonders by itslef but it definitely is used in many stain cleaning methods regarding wool carpets and rugs.

Spills could happen on a daily basis, that’s why before using any harsh stain removal products, try eliminating the blemish with plain water. If a liquid leak occurred on your wool carpet, blot any remaining fluids from the surface with a dry cloth and soak a clean white cloth in cold water. Start to lightly dab the fresh stain from the corners and then move your way to the center. Don’t underrate the benefits of normal water, even when treating a leak. If you start treating the blemish as soon as it has appeared on the rug, plain cold water will most likely save the day. To get rid of stains, mix some cold water with white vinegar or mild liquid soap and apply the solution with a white cloth, then dab away any remaining scum. For more stubborn leaks or pet stains, you can also sprinkle baking soda.

Rubbing alcohol is also an option, if you are dealing with makeup smudges or nail polish. Wet a cotton ball with some rubbing alcohol and gently apply it onto the affected area.

Airing out the rug

After the regular cleaning process or every now and then, you should hang your rug outside on the clothesline or put it over a railing to let all the unpleasant odors simply air out or dry completely after an invasive cleaning procedure. People forget that not only a wet rug should be taken outside to air dry. The process of airing out a wool rug does not only eliminate as much moisture from the fabric as possible but it also helps with getting rid of bad smells and surface dirt. If you want to deep clean a wool rug or simply create a regular maintenance routine, you shouldn't forget this step, otherwise the entire wool rug will continue to trap excess moisture and disturbing smells.

Keep in mind that antique rugs should be treated with extra caution, which means no direct sunlight and windy wether while your wool rug is on the clothesline outside.

Steam cleaning

Most of us have heard about and witnessed the magic of steam cleaning - our sofas and upholstered car interior are proof that a hot water extraction machine is the answer to all domestic prayers, therefore it is a no brainer for everyone to use this machine when cleaning wool carpets.

Although over the years many specialists have debated whether it’s a good idea to clean wool carpets and rugs with a hot water extraction machine, there is no longer a lack of clarity concerning this topic. Modern steam cleaners have many more multi-purpose functions which enable anyone to safely clean their wool upholstery furniture, carpets and rugs. However, these machines are for the most part a pricey investment, many can only dream about. Hiring a steam cleaner is both affordable and time-saving, that’s why opting for a hired machine of a higher class would be a very purposeful decision. But if all of that seems like too big of a hassle, you can always contact a professional rug cleaning company which will take care of your rug maintenance dilemmas.

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