How to clean a stained wool rug

Every day our carpet cleaners in Fulham SW6 are challenged by our customers’ different sanitation needs and wishes. We at “Number One Carpet Cleaning” are lucky to have a great group of carpet cleaning professionals who have proven their knowledge and ability to manage any cleaning service. All the furniture pieces in indoor space accumulate dust and other forms of dirt on a daily basis. Sometimes, though, there are other factors threatening the cleanliness of our carpets like our own unexpected actions, which are mostly simple acts of clumsiness. Understandably so, our first instinct driven thought is linked to the fact that we have done a mistake with irreversible consequences. That’s why our carpet cleaners in Fulham want to show anyone that there is no such thing as an irreparable carpet mishap.

Blood stains on a wool rug

White wool rugs are a great addition to the interior design of any bedroom or living room. These good looking pieces of floor decoration are an easy target for any unwanted stains. Not only kids and pets can cause some disturbing carpet drama – adults find themselves in similar situations, too.

One of our customers in Fulham SW6 experienced a similar unfortunate situation after she saw some discoloration on her white wool rug. As it appeared there were some blood stains on the rug. Unfortunately enough, the blood was dry, so the stained wool was also hardened. These troublesome blotches were about to show some attitude and be stubborn as a mule, which would make the process of getting them out of the rug incredibly hard.

How to get stains out of a wool rug

After she booked a professional rug cleaning service our cleaners who operate in the Fulham area prepared for a battle with the unpleasant blemishes. The inspection of the blotched surface was fast and the technicians were able to act as soon as possible. Keep in mind that the longer you wait, the harder it will be to get rid of such stains.

The pretreatment of the problematic area consisted of vacuuming the entire rug and applying a special cleaning solvent which will help with the overall removal of the stain. Then the hot water extraction machine steps in to finish what was started. The steam cleaning process consists of inserting a mixture of hot water and cleaning detergent straight into the material of the rug and then instantly withdrawing all the dirt that was most literally living in the rug.

Stain removal results

The rug cleaning service was successfully completed because our carpet cleaners had taken the proper care of the rug. Our customer was also content with the final results. Her beautiful wool rug was no longer looking like an object from a crime scene, it was once again serving as a nicely placed décor piece.

All rugs require a certain level of maintenance which, of course, is coordinated with the material of the rug and the environment it has to exist in. Accidents do occur and we have to be ready to take action and productively deal with the problems, especially if we were the one guilty of mistreating our home furniture.

When you experience such misfortunes and there is an unwelcome guest on your beloved rug, contact us and our carpet cleaners will manage to get rid of the uninvited stains, residing in your rug. Call us today on 020 3026 0355.

Blood Stain on Carpet
Blood Stain on Carpet after cleaning