How to clean a grey carpet

Doing any household chores is every adult’s most dreadful part of the day. Though necessary, cleaning your floors, rugs and carpets is also time consuming and requires skills. “Number One Carpet Cleaning” has some of the best carpet cleaners in Hammersmith who are prepared to tackle any stains, dirt or dust stuck in your carpet. Our End of tenancy cleaning service is a great combination of all the sanitation chores you should do when moving out of any apartment or house. However, some residents don’t take advantage of the full cleaning package or book the wrong cleaning company to do the needed moving out cleaning shenanigans.

Why you should have your carpets professionally cleaned

When renting an apartment, every tenant has to confirm that they agree with certain rules which oblige him to keep the space they’re renting in agreeable conditions. After moving out of the rented space, this resident must make sure that he is leaving his ex-home in such sanitary conditions which will guarantee him to get his deposit back from the landlord. Although such “terms of use” are a key part of any contract, some tenants seem to forget to abide by them. Therefore, the previously rented space could not be ready to accommodate new residents.

One of our customers contacted us right after she had just moved into an apartment in Hammersmith W6. She was ready to furnish her new home, but the grey carpet covering the bedroom floor looked incredibly filthy, so there was no way she was going to move in all of her belongings in a place that did not cover the basic level of hygiene. After she told us about the disastrous state of the carpet, a professional carpet cleaning service was booked for the next day.

How to clean a dirty grey carpet

After arriving on the given address, our carpet cleaners checked carefully the material of the carpet and the type of stains on it - unoubtedly, this carpet has been through a lot – it was so dirty that it was obvious where the previous furniture pieces had been placed. The amount of grime stuck in it had to be immediately eliminated, that’s why our technicians vacuumed all the carpeted areas and took care of the stains by rubbing a special solvent on all the places covered in stubborn smudges. That was followed by the most reliable cleaning method – steam cleaning. The process of steam cleaning is very efficient because the hot water extraction machine works by injecting hot water and carpet cleaning detergent directly into the fabric of the carpet and then instantly pulls out all the dirt that has been living in it.


The results

The steam cleaning procedure resulted in great success and our customer was pleased with the performance of our carpet cleaners. This grey bedroom carpet was no longer looking dull and dirty, because of its sanitation the room now has a sophisticated and peaceful atmosphere.

Maintaining any rug or carpet may be expensive and effort demanding but as you can tell it is worth every penny. If you wish to have spotless and dirt-free carpets at home in Fulham, don’t hesitate to take advantage of our professional carpet cleaning services. Let us assist you and do all your dirty work properly! Contact us here and expect great sanitary results.