How to clean upholstery

Every homeowner knows that upholstered furniture pieces are not only comfortable but the different upholstery styles and designs also serve as decoration. That’s why any upholstery should be maintained properly in order to keep the furniture both good looking and clean. One of the services that we specialize in is upholstery cleaning and therefore we have great experience in that field of the industry. Our professionals in Fulham manage both the professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service. This is an advantage for all customers who wish to have their carpets and upholstery furniture professionally sanitized at the same time.

Why you should clean your upholstery

Upholstered chairs are not only good looking pieces of furniture which add more character to the interior design of any indoor space, but they are also extremely comfortable. Unlike most generic wooden chairs, the upholstered type of seat is covered in fabric and plush filling which makes this type of chair a preferred home appliance. Both the fabric and the padding are an easy target for any dirt and germs – upholstery can easily get stained or damaged.

One of our customers had bought an upholstered armchair a few years ago and since then that chair has been her most used seat in her home. Relaxing after a long and tiring day, reading a book on a Sunday afternoon, knitting by the fireplace – these activities had become an essential part of her weekly routine. Lounging in that armchair had become a habit but the daily usage of it had resulted in a sanitary disaster.

How to clean an upholstered armchair

After our team arrived at her home in Fulham SW6, they inspected the state of the furniture in question and knew exactly how to treat the upholstery fabric. The entire surface of the armchair was covered in grime and dust, there were also some very visible dirt stains on the back of the chair. The technicians vacuumed the fabric thoroughly and then decided to steam clean it, in order to achieve the desired cleanliness of the upholstery. This cleaning method is perfect for most upholstery fabrics because it has an anti-bacterial after-effect. Firstly, the steam cleaning machine ejects hot water mixed with an eco-friendly upholstery cleaning solvent. Then it takes out all the dirt out of the fabric. This procedure disinfected and left the armchair spotless.

The results

The lady was satisfied with the performance of our upholstery cleaners and was reminded how important it is to take care of her upholstered armchair. Such furniture pieces are prone to collecting more dust and bacteria, but cleaning them is also not an easy task. There are numerous ways to simply avoid the condition of the upholstery and even cover it with an additional piece of fabric, but the destruction of it will be inevitable. Suddenly you will be left with a sofa or an armchair that is totally falling apart and the cost of repairing it will equal the cost of buying a brand new one.

Do you own any upholstered furniture? When was the last time you cleaned it? Are you unsure how to proceed with the sanitation of the upholstery fabric? Leave all the work to our carpet cleaners in Fulham and enjoy the freshness of professionally cleaned upholstery. If you wish to book a professional upholstery or carpet cleaning service, fill out our contact form or call us on 020 3026 0355.