How to clean Oriental rugs

We at Number One Carpet Cleaning have had plenty of experience with managing the sanitation of all kinds of carpets – different shapes, materials and detergents have never been a great challenge to our carpet cleaners in Central London. However, some carpets do require to be taken care of in a slightly more careful manner.

Through the years we have assisted customers, whose stories we have shared with the world. Most of them might seem to be just another addition to the ordinary archive but others are so unique that they end up being the perfect fit for our company’s set of “extraordinary” records.

We were extremely delighted to find out that the award-winning author Meg Rosoff has reached out to us a few times now and has trusted our professional carpet cleaning expertise. The great Virginia Woolf has once written, that a woman must have money and room of her own, if she was to write fiction. Our company couldn’t agree more with what was stated and would also add, that this room has to be in good sanitary conditions, that way the creative juices in the writer’s mind won’t be needlessly disturbed, for example, by an atrocious wine stain on a pearl white carpet. Our exceptional customer is a proud owner of some unique Oriental rugs, which do need professional maintenance in order to conserve both the quality and the colours of the material.

Meg Rosoff Carpet Cleaning

Professional Oriental rug cleaning

Oriental rugs do not serve only as an exotic piece of furniture in one’s living room, they are especially valuable, because unlike many of the rugs people buy in normal home furnishing stores, oriental rugs are exclusively handmade and each one of them embodies a specific sacred symbolism. The weaving process is what makes these rugs to be considered a luxury – the hand-knotted product stands for a higher level of quality and therefore a longer lifespan. There is a variety of weaving techniques and colour palettes which contribute to achieving a one of a kind design. The abundance of rug patterns is what brings any curious eye to these non-mass market products. Since these rugs have originally been made by nomadic tribes in Asia, there is a significant meaning behind the colour schemes and the elements – flowers, animals etc. depicted on the rugs.

Owning an Oriental rug does come with a few responsibilities, because if maintained correctly, it will preserve its initial appearance.

Our customer is well-aware of the needs her beloved Oriental rugs have, therefore she regularly books a professional rug cleaning service. This systematic procedure is the key to a successful years-long preservation of any rug or carpet.

Drop off and pick-up rug cleaning services

After Ms. Rosoff arranged a drop off and pick-up rug cleaning service, our carpet cleaners in Central London set off to the given address, picked all the rugs in question, and brought them to one of our facilities to perform the rug cleaning process there. This new cleaning service of ours has been a great addition to our regular set of services, since it is much safer for both our customers and technicians, especially in the current COVID-19 conditions. Simply said, what we do is:

  • Inspect and take the dirty rugs
  • Do all the cleaning and drying procedures off sight
  • Give them back to you upon completion
  • The rugs will be thoroughly vacuumed and pre-treated, afterwards they will undergo the main cleaning procedure, which usually is steam-cleaning - a hot water extraction machine does all the dirty work by injecting hot water and then extracting it. Finally we deodorize the rug and apply additional antibacterial products, if wished by the customer.

    While we do our job in our cleaning space, we will periodically inform you about all the latest procedures your rugs have undergone. If an error occurs or something gets in our way, you will be immediately contacted.

    Thanks to this special service not only do we avoid as much contact as possible with the customers, but they also don’t have to care about when the rug would be completely dry or whether or not this will create any damage to the wooden floor of theirs. We have rug drying racks which will ensure a fast and safe drying process.

    If you have been contemplating whether or not to get professional help with cleaning your rugs, because you want to avoid anything that could put your health in danger, this off sight service is the perfect solution to your problem. You can contact us and nonchalantly ask this simple question: Is this drop off and pick-up rug cleaning service near me?

    The results

    Cleaning rugs can be a very mundane and unpleasant household chore, that is why we will gracefully take that responsibility off your shoulder. The great Ms. Rosoff has counted on our competence and is now happily enjoying her freshly cleaned oriental rugs, without worrying about people spending time in her private spaces or having damaged wooden floors.

    Maintaining your rugs and carpets is the key to a sanitary and aesthetically satisfying home environment. Living in a well-organised and clean space is detrimental to one’s health and mental wellbeing, especially when the entire day is spent inside. When in need of a professional carpet or upholstery cleaning service, don’t contemplate whom to leave that necessary task, because we’re only a call away. Contact us on 020 3026 0355 and book a drop off and pick-up carpet cleaning.