How to clean a Persian rug


All interior design lovers know that buying an ordinary rug from the store is simply not enough to make one living room look stylish and feel welcoming. Choosing the rug, which will perfectly suit both the layout of the room and the desired atmosphere isn’t impossible but it does require knowledge, finances and time. Some of us rely on magazines and blogs for rug inspiration which helps us to be prepared for all the options we will find when browsing in any furniture store and easily figure out which rug will be a good fit for their needs and budget.

Oriental rugs have gained a decent amount of popularity over the last decades – they are colorful, have design which are one of a kind and are made out of authentic materials like wool and cotton. There are many knock-offs of Persian rugs in Western merchandising and while some unknowingly spend their money on rug replicas, others are lucky enough to already have unique and beautiful Persian rugs passed down from their relatives or are well informed to tell fake and original Oriental rugs apart.

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Cleaning Persian rugs at home

Maintaining your rugs is a must chore no matter how simple and inexpensive or fancy and immoderate the rug is. All authentic Oriental rugs are handcrafted which makes them not only more pricey but also better quality. Their designs and all natural dyes make them stand out on the rug market and be preferred by true interior connoisseurs. Although professional rug cleaning is suggested by most Oriental carpet and rug experts, Persian rugs could be successfully cleaned in a home environment when followed certain guidelines.

Before performing any of the mentioned rug sanitizing tips below, read the label on the carpet to verify the exact materials your rug is made of and whether any of the cleaning methods and solutions could cause permanent damages to the rug fibers.


Dust and dirt are easily collected by any upholstery furniture, carpets and rugs. Persian rugs are no exception, they are prone to accumulating all types of bacteria. If you have kids or pets at home, then you know that shaking out, sweeping or vacuuming all rugs at home is a daily ritual. Yes, you have to de-dust your rugs as often as possible, otherwise your rugs will not only be dirty, they will also lose their initial charm.

If possible, use a vacuum machine with a beater bar, which will help loosen any soil stuck in the fibers. Don’t forget to hoover the back of the rug, which is also prone to collecting grime. Always vacuum in the direction of the fibers and be careful when cleaning the rug fringes, because they could get stuck in the head of the vacuum machine which could cause them damage.

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Shaking out dust and sweeping

One of the most time saving and efficient ways to clean debris out of your Persian rugs is to simply take it outside in the garden or on the balcony and shake it out. You could throw it over any railing or a clothesline and use the good old rug beater to shake the dust out of the rug fibers. Using a broom to sweep any visible dirt is also an easy and fast way to clean your Oriental rug.

Deep cleaning a Persian rug

Depending on the rug materials, it is suggested that Persian rugs not be deeply cleaned more than once a year in unprofessional conditions. Just take the floor covering outside and put the garden hose to good use. Whenever you decide to give your rug a good clean, you should rinse both sides of the rug with cold water, fill a bucket with clean water and add some rug shampoo or normal liquid soap, then with the help of a soft-haired brush distribute the solution evenly onto the entire rug starting from the sides and moving inwards. It is best to follow the direction of the fibers when you start the foam the rug. Once again rinse everything with cold water and let the rug air dry, preferably outside to prevent mildew.

How to get stains out of a Persian rug

Sure, unintended accidents happen all the time, but it is not the stain that will decide the fate of the rug, but the immediate actions of the person, who unexpectedly spilled his drink on the floor covering. If you wish to get rid of the blemish by yourself, do the following as soon as the mishap occurs:

Blot any excess liquid on the fabric with a white cotton piece of cloth. If you can, soak a white towel in some warm water and blot the stained surface once again. Don’t rub, but rather dab onto the problematic area of the rug.

For most rug stains you should use white vinegar, baking soda and detergent.

Mix some white vinegar and warm water, then using a clean white cloth apply the solution onto the spot and let it sit for a few minutes. After that, rinse with some cold water.

If you have to clean more stubborn stains, you should mix some baking soda with vinegar and then distribute the paste evenly on the stain. Leave it like that for some time and then take some dishwashing detergent to clean the leftover residue from the baking soda.

Simple ways to keep your Persian rug in good condition

Few tricks how to keep your rug nice and clean.

Keep away from direct sunlight

Many of the colorful designs could easily lose their vibrancy when exposed to direct sunlight for longer periods of time.

Avoid frequent exposure to liquids and solvents

Don’t wash your rug too often and make sure it is always dry, otherwise dampness can cause mildew and an unpleasant smell.

Don’t walk on the Oriental rug with your shoes on

The easiest way to get dirt on your Persian rug is to simply never take your shoes off when you're at home. Instead of constantly cleaning your rug thoroughly to free it from all the dirt and debris your filthy shoe bottoms have left on it, you should consider ditching your shoes at the front door.

Rotate the rug once in a while

This will help balance the traffic on the fabric and will prevent uneven foot and furniture marks.

Professional Persian rug cleaning

Most Oriental and Persian rugs should be professionally cleaned once a year, but the ones that are made out of delicate materials like silk, should be treated with professional rug cleaning methods once every three years or even less frequently than that. In order to upkeep the freshness, the vibrancy of the colours and to keep away the unpleasant the rug odors, you should have your rugs deep cleaned with a hot water extraction machine. Steam cleaning is a good for all your sanitary rug problems, because it eliminates any dirt, bacteria and is eco-friendly.

When in need of professional Oriental or Persian rug cleaning services, contact “Number One Carpet Cleaning” and leave all the important cleaning tasks to us.

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