How to clean rust stains on a handmade rug

Throughout our rug cleaning practice our company has managed to gain expertise which has been a vital component of our work ethic. Not only do we deal with some of the most complicated household chores, but we help our customers to save time and money. Right now our business is being put to the test, because of the pandemic our work has become more appreciated and looked for. All these changes in the external world are affecting our internal sense of order, too. Even if the outside world is chaotic, our homes should not be the same. Taking care of your furniture is for sure the key to having a tidy and clean home.

Rust stains on a handmade rug

Although rugs come in different sizes, shapes and patterns, what matters the most when maintaining this furniture piece is the material it is made of and the way it was manufactured. Handmade rugs are not as common as they once were, but still there are people who appreciate the value of the handcrafted floor décor.

A client of ours in Chiswick had owned a beautiful handmade rug for years now. It had been located in his TV room ever since he had bought it. On that rug there was a metal table which has also never been moved from the surface of the rug. After attempting to make some changes in his favourite room in the house, our customer found out that the metal table had left some rust stains on the rug. These smudges were quite visible so he thought that the thin rug had been damaged. But before making the final decision to throw it away, he contacted us and booked a pick-up and drop off carpet cleaning service.

Off site professional rug cleaning

Our carpet cleaners in Chiswick arrived at the given address and picked up the rug in question. Bringing the handmade rug to our carpet cleaning facility allowed them to inspect every detail of the rug material and the problematic rust stains. Vacuuming the rug is essential when treating any type of material damage. After that the technician gently scrapes any additional rust that was stuck to the fabric. The solvent we applied on these particular stains eliminated most of the rust residue. Needless to say that such smudges could be detrimental to the further use of the carpet – not only do they damage the overall look of the rug but they could also be harmful for the health of any kids or pets. The most important part of cleaning any rug is the steam cleaning process. In this case the material of the handmade rug wasn’t as delicate, so our technician put the steam cleaner into action.

After the rug was completely dry we dropped it off back at our customer’s home in Chiswick, who was delighted with the final look of his rug. He saved time, money and did not have to deal with the carpet cleaners working in his home.

Rugs are an important part of any home’s furnishing, that’s why we have to keep them clean and the only way to accomplish this is to simply book a professional rug cleaning service with “Number One Carpet Cleaning”. If you live in Chiswick and you have a stained or damaged rug, you can call us on 020 3026 0355 and book our latest cleaning offer – the pick-up and drop off rug cleaning service.

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