How to clean a Sheepskin rug


Even though in prehistoric ages the skin of the sheep has been used for the making of capes and shoes that would help people survive the cold weather conditions, as the time progressed hides continued to be a part of everyday essential items like footwear and a variety of clothing pieces that have become statements of high fashion. With the development of different textile and synthetic materials, the usage of sheep skin has started to fade, but by doing so that furry piece of leather goodness began to be recognised as a more luxurious organic matter that is definitely not a mass product that everyone could afford.

Sheepskin rugs can be easily found in many furniture stores but what most buyers don't put too much thought into is whether the rug is authentic or not. And that's how almost every item that used to be vital for human survival has become a modern decor piece that symbolizes good taste in interior design and gives a more chic look to any room.

No matter what type of rug you own, its maintenance will always raise many questions, because it is important to upkeep the condition of your unique decor items but it is also a hard task to do it properly without damaging it.

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Faux VS. Real Sheepskin Rugs

Knowing the difference between a faux and real natural sheepskin rugs is the first step not only to choosing which one you'd rather have in your home but also how to clean and maintain its fluffiness and original colour.

Natural sheepskin rugs are made out of the sheep's skin with the wool that has grown from it. Although the wool could retain its original colour, most often the fur could be dyed in more vibrant colours. Therefore not all dyed sheepskin rugs are inauthentic. The natural sheepskin rug requires a lot of work in order to be preserved in a decent state. The usual vacuuming and the application of store bought detergents isn't a viable option here.

Faux fur and leather sheepskin rugs are more common and of course, cheaper because they are made out of synthetic materials, which means that these acrylic fibers are easier to maintain and could be treated with basic cleaning detergents.

How to clean a Sheepskin Rug

It is suggested that a natural sheepskin rug should be used as a decorative piece, because that way it won't be constantly stepped on or used for different purposes that could damage it too fast. Keep in mind that there is a lot of controversy in the carpet and rug cleaning specialists community because they all differ in opinion about certain sanitation and stain treatment techniques.

Can I Wash a Sheepskin Rug?

Most often you will be advised not to wash your rug because of the lanolin which is a special type of wax that is produced by the skin of the sheep and has the special power to keep the wool nice and clean. But if you do wash the sheepskin rug, the natural lanolin will be gradually stripped away, which will also take the softness away and the overall appearance will lose its initial charm.

If you feel like you do need to give your rug a wash, you should always consider hand washing as your best option. But avoid washing dyed sheepskin rugs and don't wash any of the rugs in direct sunlight. Use cold water and buy a wool shampoo specifically designed for a natural sheepskin rug. Avoid using detergents containing biological enzymes, soap based powders and biological washing powders.

Before you start the washing process, you should give the fluffy pile a good brush by using a wide tooth metal brush which is very similar to a simple pet brush, therefore if you don't have this tool already because of your dog, you can easily buy from any local pet shop. This procedure will not only restore the shagginess of the fur, but it will also help remove any bigger particles of dirt.

The drying process will be a lengthy one (especially if you are in humid city like London) because it is best to leave your rug air dry, that's why it will be best to wash the sheepskin rug when the weather is warmer, that way you won't wait much until it's completely dry.

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Proper Spot Cleaning

If there was an unfortunate leakage, just take a dry clean towel and blot away any excess moisture. Dampen a clean piece of cloth in cold water and continue blotting, but if the stain is more stubborn, you can also add some wool shampoo to the damp cloth and carefully wipe the problematic area. Repeat until the spot completely fades away.

Dry cleaning a sheepskin rug

There are professional cleaners that specialise in treating hides like suede and sheepskin and you should only trust their expertise when you want to have the rug dry cleaned, otherwise irreversible damage could occur.

Sheepskin Rug Care Do's and Don'ts

If you have a natural sheepskin rug at home, you should always consider the following recommendations:

  • Give it a good shake when you want to get rid of any dust and dirt.
  • Regular brushing will help the wool fibres retain their softness and fluffiness.
  • Never put it in a washing machine or a tumble dryer.
  • Don't use warm water when washing it.
  • Don't put in a spot which will expose it to constant direct sunlight.

Professional Sheepskin Rug Cleaning services London

That sheepskin rug you have in your bedroom or the one you have bought especially for your reading nook in the living room isn't going to clean itself when needed. If hand washing seems like too big of a hassle or you are simply scared not to harm your favourite rug, then "Number One Carpet Cleaning" will gladly offer their professional rug cleaning services to anyone struggling to find someone, who will properly take care of their unique floor covering.

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