Cleaning of greasy stains from a wool rug

Keeping your home clean and tidy has always been a bit challenging not only for big families but for single people, too. Any indoor space is prone to collecting immense amounts of dust and grime which allows all kind of bacteria to literally invade anything. Rugs and carpets are probably the easiest to get dirty because the floor is kind enough to welcome any type of dirt which doesn’t end on other furniture pieces. “Number One Carpet Cleaning” has some of the most experienced carpet cleaners in Putney who can guarantee a satisfactory result.

Stained wool rug at home

A regular client of ours had recently been alarmed by some greasy stains on one of his rugs. Though we have cleaned both his carpets and his rugs previously, this particular rug was always the one we treated with extra caution. The wool material of the rug is very delicate and if not treated properly, it could be irreversibly damaged. As it appeared there were a few big greasy stains on the wool carpet, which meant that the technicians had to take action immediately. Most stains should be taken care of as early as possible, otherwise they might become a permanent “decoration”.

Pick-up and drop off rug cleaning service

Our client had decided to book a pick up and drop off rug cleaning service, because it seemed to be the perfect option for both his daily schedule and the current physical distancing norms.

After inspecting the wool rug at our customer’s home, our carpet cleaners brought the rug to our rug cleaning facility – where there are perfect conditions for all types of rug cleaning methods. Not only is it safer to work in an environment which is different from the customer’s home but it is also easier for our carpet cleaners to properly use all the rug cleaning chemicals. Our rug cleaning facility allows us to concentrate on all the possible ways we could treat the rug, without worrying about external distractions, which disturb the sanitation performance.

Cleaning a stained wool rug

The best way to start cleaning a wool rug is to thoroughly hoover the entire fabric on both sides. Then all the problematic areas should be pre-treated with the suitable solvent. In this case the stains on the wool rug were still greasy, so the technician rubbed a special chemical which absorbed the oil in the fabric. This step was very important, because in such circumstances when the grease has been on the rug for an unknown period of time, we cannot guarantee that our customer will receive the expected results. Fortunately enough, the cleaning solvent worked and most of the oil was eliminated. The last step was to complete the rug cleaning cycle by steam cleaning the wool material. That way the industrial steam cleaning machine will finish what was initially started. This rug cleaning method ended up being the perfect choice, because it left the rug both disinfected and spotless.

The man was speechless when we dropped off his rug and was beyond glad that he won’t have to buy a new wool rug. We had once again helped him with his sanitary misfortunes and our carpet cleaners didn’t disappoint him with their performance.

The pick-up and drop off cleaning service is great for anyone who has a carpet, which is in a desperate need of cleaning. The shape, the size and the material of the carpet won’t scare our carpet cleaners in Putney. Thanks to the advantages of this service we are able to offer our clients better assistance.

If you own a rug, or two and you happen to live in Putney, “Number One Carpet Cleaning” will be glad to assist you. Give us a call on 020 3026 0355 or send us an email through our Contact Form and take advantage of the pick-up and drop off carpet cleaning service, which is safe, efficient and saves you time.

Drop Off Rug Cleaning Before
Drop Off Rug Cleaning After