Make your carpets fluffy again


Carpeted floors have an undeniable charm - they come in different colours, patterns and turn any room into a welcoming and cozy place, which is ready to accommodate anyone needing a place to call home. Everyone's feet enjoy stepping on a warm and fluffy surface, that's why many like having shaggy rugs in their bedrooms or living rooms.

However, no matter how comfortable and good looking both carpets and rugs are, in the long run their appearance undoubtedly changes. Shaggy rugs tend to lose their fluffiness after they become high traffic areas, and so do all carpets. Although carpet cleaning may differ a bit from the regular rug cleaning, both of these sanitation procedures alone can't fully restore the brand new look of a shaggy rug or carpet.

Regular maintenance and homemade solutions may actually help you regain your control over the appearance of all the fluffy carpets and shaggy rugs you have at home. But can a regular vacuum cleaner or the use of carpet rakes help you restore the fleece of a carpet or make a shaggy rug fluffy again? Continue reading, if you don't want to give up on your favourite carpets and help them achieve their initial fluffy charm.

Preparation of the carpet

After you have realised that the fluffiness of your carpet has been long gone or that you want to see your shaggy rug fluffy again, you don't have to forget that a deep clean of your floor covering pieces is always a good idea. Therefore, before you decide how to deal with any flat carpet, you should consider performing a few key pre-treatment steps like:


Using a reliable vacuum cleaner will help not only get rid of any dirt and dust covering the surface of the carpeting or the shaggy rug. This cleaning task will be the base for any further treatment. Not only will it help eliminate unnecessary filth, but thanks to the suction process, the fibers of the carpet will be fluffed out a little, too.

General carpet cleaning tasks

Any type of sanitation treatment will enable a more effective fluffing up process, which is important, if you wish to have a satisfactory result. If you are used to applying carpet cleaning products bought from the convenience store, then you may skip this time.

In order to prepare the surface for further treatment, you can sprinkle some baking powder all over the carpet - this will help lift up any hidden dirt and bacteria in the fibers, which will be beneficial for the overall unflattening procedure. Let it sit for at least ten minutes, then vacuum all the baking soda leftovers.

Fluffly Rug Cleaning
Fluffy Carpet Vacuuming

Ways to fluff up a carpet or a shaggy rug

The following methods are mainly recommended for high pile carpets, which are more likely to lose their soft fleece and have dents from furniture pieces and high traffic.

Apply heat to the surface

Dampen a white piece of cloth and lay it over the flattened areas. Take a clothes iron and gently run it over the covered surface. Don't press too much and set the iron to work with low to medium heat. Then you can use a brush with soft bristles or a carpet rake to fluff up the carpet the desirable way.

Ice cube method

Scatter ice cubes all over the matted areas and make sure that they are evenly distributed with equal distance between each cube. Depending on how deep the carpet dents are, you may have to put more than just one ice cube on the dip. Let the ice melt completely and with a white cloth or a non-coloured paper towel, blot the excess water and let the rest air dry.

Use vinegar

In a spray bottle mix the same amount of white vinegar and warm water, apply as much of the solution as needed and then let it sit for 15 or more minutes. After that, take a white clean towel and blot away any excess moisture. Then you can comp the fibers with a fork or a carpet brush.

Carpet rake

When using this tool you should be careful which variation of the carpet comp you will utilize - opt for a carpet rake which is suitable for high pile rugs. Simply run the tool through the carpet fibers before the vacuuming process , which will help loosen any filth and use it once again after that - the second time you will witness the gradual unflattening of the surface.

"Number One Carpet Cleaning" is ready to help

Whether you have already tried to deal with the flatness of your rugs and carpets, or you simply don't want to mess up their appearance any further, you can always have a professional do all the needed work for you. Our company's experienced carpet cleaners have dealt with many hopeless carpet cases and are capable of performing any services regarding the cleanliness and the overall appearance of any carpet or rug.

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