How to remove dog hair from carpet


Rumor has it that a human's best friend is no other than the four-legged, hairy creature, which often expresses their emotions through the noisy act of barking. Yes, dogs are certainly a very desired pet option not only by kids, who consider them play buddies but also by adults who simply can't avoid the charm of all dogs they see while walking in a park, so they choose to take in a puppy of their own.

No matter how much you love your pet, most often they can cause damage to furniture pieces, break home accessories, therefore your patience is constantly tested by the mischievous acts of your beloved dog. Although we can train them not to chew on any wooden surface, our furry friends still can't do anything about the fact that they shed hair everywhere they lay. Our clothes can too testify that even a short cuddle session is enough for our clothes to turn into a hairy mess.

Pet hair is especially harder to remove from carpets because the fibres easily attract and trap in any loose hair. Unlike our most worn garments and the upholstery furniture, carpets are harder to treat frequently, because using the vacuum cleaner more often is not recommended for all carpet materials.

Pet hair removal tricks

Getting hair out of carpet is possible even without rigorous treatment, which could damage the carpet.

Wet cleaning methods

The easiest trick to removing pet hair is to simply get your hands wet and rub onto the carpet surface. Although it may sound unpleasant, it does work. However, if you have to deal with more stubborn pet hair stuck in the carpet, you should consider more invasive methods for removing dog hair.

Use a Sponge mop or Rubber gloves

If you slightly dampen both of these, and run them through the hair infested areas, the results will surprise you. Of course, when using the rubber gloves, you should put them on your hands which can make the hair removal process more time-consuming and tiring but it is nonetheless a great low-cost option.

pet hair removal from carpet
how to remove dog hair from carpet

Use a Carpet rake and a Lint roller

When treating deep piles, you should be well acquainted with the almighty carpet rake, which helps fluff out the carpet fibres. It can be a very helpful tool when removing hair, too. Lint rollers are not only for cleaning hair from clothes and sofas, it can be very useful when getting hair out of carpet, too.

Fabric softener to the rescue

In a spray bottle mix two/three parts of water and one part fabric softener, distribute the mixture onto the surface, but don't get carried away, a light mist of the solution will be enough. After it dries out, the fabric softener loosens the embedded pet hair and with one final vacuuming process the job must be done.

Baking soda method

Although we are used to using baking soda when cleaning carpet stains, it can help us deal with dog hair, too. Apply the solvent onto the surface and let it sit for 15 minutes, then put the vacuum cleaner into action and remove all that was stuck in the fibres.

"Number One Carpet Cleaning" knows how to remove pet hair

Every dog owner knows that an essential part of their daily domestic chores is to upkeep the condition of all the spaces their four legged friends like to lay down in. Most dogs prefer to roll over any fluffy and soft surface, which makes any carpet or rug a potential chill and play stations. Sure, they are cute when they play around, but in the meantime our carpets are collecting not only dust and dirt, but also a big amount of hair.

Our team of professional carpet cleaners knows how to deal with the stubborn hair stuck in your floor coverings. Not only are we fully equipped to fully get rid of the pesky hair but we can also apply special deodorizing powders which will be beneficial for both the carpet and its surrounding areas.

Stop barking every time you see the hair infested carpet in your living room, contact "Number One Carpet Cleaning" and soon the urges to angrily growl at the unpleasant view of fur everywhere will be long gone.

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