How to remove motor oil stains from a carpet

“Number One Carpet Cleaning” is a carpet cleaning company in Chiswick W4, whose long-term experience in the service-based business has testified consistency and quality. The work we do is always coordinated with both our customer’s specific wishes and the standardized cleaning procedures. Living in a place which is regularly cleaned and organised is extremely beneficial to one’s health. Sometimes our carpets or rugs end up being the epicenter of a series of unfortunate events. No matter how hard we try not to spill our morning cup of coffee or bring something dirty in our home, the carpet is the one main victim of our mistakes. Truth be told, it’s not the carpet, it’s us who have to take the blame for not being cautious enough. But there are no challenges, which we could not overcome.

Dealing with machine oil stains on a carpet

During the warmer months everyone desires to spend as much time as possible outdoors, that’s why many of us, who reside in an apartment with a balcony take advantage of that external space and can’t help but furnish it, as though it was a second living room.

One of our customers had put a chaise lounge chair on her balcony and although it has served her well, its construction started making an unpleasant noise. Her kind husband assisted her and applied machine oil on all parts that were undergoing any type of friction. The problem was solved quickly but as the weather became colder, the couple decided to bring that furniture piece inside, where it would be saved from any severe weather conditions. As the husband was bringing the chair inside the bedroom, that same machine oil leaked onto the wool carpet and small droplets of oil continued to spill as the man was taking it where it was supposed to be stored. That machine oil did indeed leave a good deposit on that wool carpet. But it was now time to act as fast as possible, in order to get rid of all the unwanted stains.

As soon as the lady contacted us, a professional carpet cleaning service was booked and our technicians headed to the given address in Chiswick W4.

How to clean oil stains from a wool carpet

Upon the arrival of our carpet cleaners, the material of the carpet was inspected and so was the damage made by the machine oil. Firstly, the excess oil was scraped off the surface and then all the stained carpeted areas were thoroughly vacuumed. A special detergent was applied to all the smudges as part of the pre-treating of the problematic areas. The technicians made sure that the carpet cleaning solution did not cause any further damage or discoloration of the wool material. After that the carpet was put through a steam cleaning process with the help of our most used carpet cleaning tool – the industrial steam cleaner. Hot water is being injected and then immediately extracted from the treated fabric. For this specific carpet the machine was set to operate on the lower temperature scale because it would otherwise cause damage to the wool material. In the end of the service the carpet looked flawless and ready to be in the spotlight once again.

The results

The carpet stain removal was a complete success and our customers were pleasantly surprised by the final look of the carpet – spotless and fresh looking, as though it was brand new. The couple was satisfied with the work done and promised themselves they would be extra cautious every time they have to mess around with any type of oil-based liquids.

If you happen to be in a similar situation where you have messed up your carpet or rug and don’t know how to proceed, feel free to give us a call and let us assist you. Our carpet cleaners in Chiswick W4 will roll up their sleeves and will help you overcome all that unnecessary carpet drama you are facing. If you want to give your carpet the much needed sanitation treatment, contact us here or call us on 020 3026 0355.