Oriental Rug Stain Removal

The floors at home go through a lot throughout the years – dirt collection, moving furniture and unintended stain damage - these are just a few of the reasons why we need to pay more attention to the sanitary and aesthetic state of our floors at home and everything that is covering them. Our carpet cleaners in Hammersmith have been operating for quite some time now and has been glad to assist anyone who had a carpet emergency in the area. Cleaning rugs in this part of London has become way convenient after our company had launched a pick-up and drop off cleaning service.

Dirty Oriental rug at home

A lovely young couple had received a very special gift from the woman’s grandmother who had sent them an old and almost antique looking Oriental rug from abroad. Needless to say that the couple was startled to own such a unique piece of furniture, but they still had to figure out something very important – how to clean the rug properly. Since they were both clueless whether or not the rug had ever been cleaned professionally before, they contacted us and booked an appointment.

The rug was indeed old and dirty but had a very authentic design and the material was still thick and sturdy. That was important because such characteristics of the fabric prove authenticity and allow us to perform different types of cleaning methods in order to achieve a satisfactory result. The couple knew that the pick-up and drop off rug cleaning service was the best option for both their daily schedules and the physical distancing requirements. The rug collection is fast and the technicians have more time to work on the rug at our cleaning facility.

Professional Oriental rug cleaning

After the carpet cleaners took the rug to our cleaning facility it was finally time to decide what the management of the cleaning process would be. Such rugs need to be cleaned more carefully no matter what the general condition of the material is because they are handmade and therefore more delicate.

Vacuuming the entire rug was what the technician did first because he had to make sure that there was no dust or additional dirt covering the surface of the rug. Since there were no stains or other types of blemishes that needed pre-treating, what the carpet cleaner did next was to exploit the steam cleaner. This cleaning machine is our secret weapon when sanitizing any rug because its working process is incredibly efficient. The steam cleaner simply injects hot water and detergent into the fabric of the rug and then takes it out immediately, that way all the grime stuck in the rug is completely demolished. Unlike other cleaning methods this one also has a sanitizing after-effect because it kills all the bacteria that had been living in the rug.

Dropping off the cleaned rug

The Oriental rug was taken back to its owners upon the full completion of the cleaning and drying process. Our customers were amazed when they witnessed the perfect condition of their special rug. The couple was pleased with both the cleaning performance and the punctuality of the work.

If you have been wondering - “Are there any rug cleaning services near me?” and you wish to take advantage of a no 1 carpet cleaning service in Hammersmith, contact us here and if you wish you could always book a pick-up and drop off rug cleaning service.

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