How to get wax out of carpet


Doesn't it seem like a great idea to have a candlelit dinner with your significant other. Sure, a romantic date like that could be a great proposition for some bonding time but doesn't it ever occur to you that it may end up in a not so lovey-dovey situation. One wrong move and the carefully lined candles on the table may end up in the strong and safe arms of the charming carpet which will definitely hold onto the spilled wax tightly. Kisses will be exchanged, words of adoration will be spoken and all that romantic nonsense until the hardened wax finds out that its commitment to the floor covering is completely set in stone - a non-negotiable circumstance which needs special sanitation therapy.

When hot, candle wax can be easily distributed upon any surface and therefore stick to it as soon as it cools down. The carpet wax stain doesn't have to be a result from knocked over candle wax, it can be any other cosmetic product like hair removal wax or even a car or wood polish. However, these adhesive products can be hard to deal with, especially when spilled on any fabric material like clothes and yes, carpets, too.

Ways to remove wax from carpet

Regardless of the origin of the stain, there are a few different remedies for removing wax spillage from a carpet.

Prepare the affected area

With the help of a butter knife scrape off as much of the wax as possible. All the remaining wax chunks should be carefully raked with the blade of the butter knife. In some cases, when treating wax on a low pile carpet, scraping the spillage will be enough to remove it all, especially when done as soon as possible.

Use Ice

Take an ice pack and put it over the stained area and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Make sure that the wax doesn't get wet by placing a plastic bag under the ice cubes. After wax has freezed, use a knife to remove the wax stain. If you have to treat a more delicate material or a high pile carpet, you may want to use a dull knife, in order not to damage the carpet fibers.

Then vacuum all the wax that was scraped off the surface.

Apply Heat

Take a brown paper bag, a paper towel or a terry cloth towel and put it over the wax stains. Turn on your iron but switch off the steam setting. Run over the placed paper towels or the clean cloth and constantly move the hot iron onto the surface. Soon you'll notice that the wax will start to stick on the brown paper bag, that's why every time the candle wax attaches to the paper bag, you should place a cleaner spot of the towel or paper to "absorb" the remaining wax.

wax stain
remove candle wax

Clean any leftover residue from the carpet

After you have gotten rid of the wax, use a carpet cleaning detergent to eliminate any residue and clean the affected area. If you had to deal with removing colored candle wax, then you should consider taking a damp towel, sprinkling some rubbing alcohol on it and then gently rubbing it onto any remaining stains. Then let the carpet air dry and then vacuum it, in case you have missed any loose particles.

"Number One Carpet Cleaning"'s wax removal service

If you have accidentally knocked a burning candle on the ground or have spilled another wax product and you don't think there's a foolproof method which will help you get the wax out of carpet, then our professional carpet cleaners will not only be glad to help you figure out how to get wax out of carpet, but will also do the job instead of you.

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