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Although most people opt for a leather sofa thinking it would be easiest to upkeep, this type of upholstery requires serious maintenance, especially if there are pets and kids at your home. Booking a professional leather sofa cleaning service is the proper way to go, in order to keep your furniture piece in good shape.

Why hire “Number One Carpet Cleaning”? in West Brompton for Leather Sofa Cleaning?

Depending on the qualification and equipment one team of leather cleaners has, the condition of your leather sofa would either be improved or just cleaned on a basic level. Our professional leather sofa cleaning company in West Brompton is going to help you achieve the best possible results when it comes to the maintenance of your soft furnishing.

Skillful and qualified

We’ve been professionally involved in the service industry for many years now. Working on all kinds of carpet and upholstery materials has contributed a lot to gaining experience and making the most of the given time for solving a sanitary issue. Our company is qualified to perform the offered services and is fully insured, which enables us to fulfil our duties in different environments.

Professional cleaning products and machinery

The equipment our leather cleaners work with allows them to perform at a very high level tasks, which impose the use of advanced tools. Thanks to the modern machinery and the needed arsenal of professional cleaning products, we are totally prepared to tackle any cleaning inconvenience.

Great customer feedback

Not only do we enjoy performing successful leather cleaning services, but so do our clients, who never forget to give us a heads up on their opinion of the results and their personal experience hiring our team. This makes it easier for us to keep improving our servicing and thus establish more efficient practices.

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sophie kirisits
sophie kirisits
When we got our mini dachshund puppy, in the process of house breaking him, he had a few accidents and we had no idea that such a tiny and adorable creature would be able to leave such pungently smelling pee stains. We tried everything from makeshift odor neutralisers to heavy duty pee stain removers but nothing seemed to get rid of the smell. Until we came across Number One Carpet Cleaning. They came over to assess the situation - free of charge - and came back the next day to treat the carpet… which has never looked so clean! And the air is finally breathable! 100% recommend for stubborn-smelling stains on your tapestry.
Andrew Guscott
Andrew Guscott
Very friendly and responsive. Did a great job of cleaning the carpets in my flat - they look like new!
Stephan Villeneuve
Stephan Villeneuve
Over 2 weeks ago I was entertaining some guests at my house, where a friend of mine unfortunately fell and sustained an injury on my landing causing a bloody nose. As a result, I had a trail of blood from the top of my cream carpet staircase all the way to the bottom. Being new to the area, I enlisted the services of a different company from my previous address to treat the stairs, but they could only fade the stains. As a second attempt, I tried to treat the carpet myself using a rented Rug Doctor machine from my local Tesco (DO NOT USE - incredibly bad product) to no avail. Exasperated, I went online and searched for a professional carpet cleaning company in my area. I thank heaven and my lucky stars that I came across Number One Carpet Cleaning Fulham. Not only was Stefan incredibly knowledgeable, courteous and professional, but he agreed to come to my house for a consultation to offer his professional opinion on a Saturday in less than 2 hours from when I made the call (as I was seriously considering the possibility of having to put down new carpet at this point due to the reality of having to deal with heavy 2+ week old blood stains). Stefan and his colleague displayed their expertise by: instantly identifying what type of carpet I had; indicating that they had previous experience dealing with this type of stain before and expressed the many various combination of ways in which they could remove the stain. Stefan punctually followed up with me the day after to organise a time to arrange for the cleaning the following week. After my two failed previous attempts I was expecting for the worst, but Stefan's colleague arrived on time, fully equipped - and managed to remove the stains from the carpet in less than an hour - to the point where my carpet looked BRAND NEW! On top of that, from a customer service perspective, they were: extremely professional and diligent, polite and offered fantastic communication. If you are ever looking for a professional carpet cleaning company in the Fulham/Wandsworth/Putney/Southfields area I could not recommend highly enough enlisting the services of this company - for a fair, reasonable price with quality results at the end. If I could list them 6* then I would. Thanks again guys!
Conor Lucey
Conor Lucey
Extremely professional and responsive service. Were able to come out to my apartment the same morning and provide a thorough clean at a very reasonable price. Would highly recommend!
I had the unfortunate experience of flooding my apartment and this company helped me fix the problem in the same day within a few hours of calling. Stefan was very nice and i recommend their services
andreea aura
andreea aura
I had my carpet cleaned by other two companies previously and never been satisfied until now. Stefan did an amazing job and followed all the steps that others just skip, he also came at a quite short notice. The carpet is like new and smelling great too, I have a big dog so it wasn't an easy job but I am super pleased and will never have anyone else but them cleaning my carpet in the future. Lovely people, great job! Thank you!
Fantastic service - Stefan arrived promptly and cleaned my carpets beautifully. He offered advice on regular cleaning and was totally professional. He gave an accurate quote before he started and went above and beyond to get some stubborn stains out that were tricky to shift. He came back to do my upholstered chairs and armchair. I would have no hesitation in recommending Number ONE Carpet cleaning to anyone thinking of having their carpets and upholstery cleaned - great service and really nice guy.

How do we perform a Leather sofa cleaning service in West Brompton

Just like any other type of upholstery fabric leather has its specific needs, which must be met, in order to preserve its initial condition. Most store bought products won’t help properly clean the leather surface of a sofa. “Number One Carpet Cleaning” has established an effective set of procedures, which have proven to deliver the best results

Inspection of the condition

This first step of inspecting the current state of the entire leather furnishing is beyond important when determining what type of care it requires.


The industrial vacuum machine works miracles when it comes to cleaning dust and debris, especially from all those crevices and edges, which trap a lot of filth.

Putting the leather cleaning product into action

As it has already become clear, leather needs to be treated with reliable and tested products, which won’t cause harm to the material. The leather cleaning product we use in our practice is aimed at professional use only, which is why its formula is capable of dissolving embedded grime.

Applying conditioner

The best way to finish off a service of this type is by applying the special leather protection cream, which seals all the cracks in the leather and thus disables dirt from collecting in the fine lines of the material.

Other leather care services

The cleaning procedure is an essential part of one leather sofa’s core maintenance. However, some leather furnishings need extra treatment due to the appearance of imperfections and small material damages. That’s why our team is trained to provide more services, which are designed to solve the mentioned problems.

Leather restoration

Regardless of how expensive and high quality one leather sofa is, it sure isn’t prone to the appearance of cracks, blemishes and discoloration. This leather restoration service is designed to get rid of the mentioned cosmetic problems and bring back the timeless appeal of the leather upholstery.

Leather restoration

No leather material which is used on a regular basis is prone to discoloration, signs of wear and tear and appearance of cracks in the material. This service is going to help improve the overall state of the leather by treating the problematic areas and preventing more damage from happening.

Leather restoration

Most pets aren’t aware of the material and financial damage they could cause when filing their nails on leather furniture pieces. The scratches don’t look pleasant at all and if not treated may turn into greater slits, which would ultimately compromise both the quality and the look of the leather upholstery. This procedure is designed to help seal the scratches before further damage.


How much does a leather sofa cleaning service cost?

It could take as little as forty minutes to an hour or a couple of hours, depending on the size and the demanded maintenance tasks.

How much does leather cleaning take?

Depending on the type of service and the amount of damage, it could take as little as an hour or up to a few hours.

Do you provide the service at home?

Yes, the leather sofa cleaning service is performed on the given address, indoors.

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What you need to know about West Brompton

As a part of Greater London, West Brompton is situated between Fulham, Earl's Court, and Chelsea. The Brompton Cemetery on Fulham Road, which is the final resting place of more than 200 000 people, including the founders of the Chelsea Football Club and other well-known Londoners, is one of the area's most recognizable landmarks. The 118 Finborough Rd.-based Finborough Theatre, which has hosted thousands of multi-awarded productions, is also located in this borough.

Local history

West Brompton was once a village, just like any other urban borough, and it underwent a significant transformation in the 19th century. After the wealthy Gunter family purchased a sizable portion of the land, the infrastructure began to grow. A number of new streets and buildings made the area a popular place for people from all socioeconomic backgrounds to live. Since then, notable individuals like Emmeline Pankhurts, John Snow, and other actors and activists have lived and died in this region.