How to clean makeup out of carpet


Some may say that one’s smile is the best makeup they could wear and although this statement doesn’t shy away from the truth, others still prefer to accentuate their features with the help of some cosmetic products. Contrary to popular belief the so-called maquillage is not just a fancy collective noun for lipsticks and mascara, it is a way of expressing one’s personality. If you happen to spend extra time every morning doing your makeup routine, then you know that when you are still sleepy or you are running late, unintended accidents occur. Dropping your powdered blush on the floor or spilling some liquid eyeliner on your white carpet can both be very unpleasant sanitary mishaps. Soon after that you realize that the lack of defined rosy cheeks isn’t as disturbing as your stained carpet.

After you finish reading this article, you’ll know how to vacuum and get all the scattered powdered makeup out of the carpet, clean mascara stains using a butter knife and vinegar solution and how to eliminate any residue caused by the makeup stain.

How to clean powdered makeup from carpet

As soon as you unintentionally drop your setting powder on the floor, put your vacuum into action and hoover all the scattered powder particles from the carpet. Work your way from one side to the other and don’t just clean random sections. Although eyeshadow and bronzer are both highly pigmented products, they are still easy to clean. You can soak a white towel with some makeup remover and lightly dab onto the stained area. Or you can mix liquid soap and water and apply the solution using a clean cloth or a sponge. Slowly wipe the stain and repeat the process until the blemish vanishes.

Make up stain

How to treat liquid makeup stains on a carpet

Whether it is mascara, foundation or lip gloss, they are all makeup must-haves, which happen to create great mess, when landing on any carpet. The stickiness and the strong pigmentation of these products contribute to the stubbornness of the stains they could cause. Whenever any liquid or semi-liquid piece of makeup is dropped on the carpet, you should always start by scraping as much of the leakage as possible using a regular butter knife. For lighter stains like the foundation ones you should mix a few drops of liquid dish soap and cold water. Soak a white towel or a clean piece of cloth in the mixture and lightly dab onto the blemishes. Repeat these steps until the stain vanishes. In the end you can wet a microfiber towel to clean any leftovers of the solution on the surface.

For eyeliner and mascara carpet stains you should consider using a stronger solution, because the dye used in these products is most often both smudge and waterproof. To tackle these obstinate stains, you should prepare a special solution out of vinegar and warm water. After mixing 1 tbsp vinegar and half a cup of warm water, take a clean cloth, soak it in the solution and then dab onto the problematic area. Be careful while you work on the stain and avoid rubbing the surface of the carpet. Using a damp microfiber towel, you can clean what’s left of the mixture.

Professional carpet cleaning

Many people, including makeup lovers may argue that it’s not what you see on the outside but it is what’s really inside that matters, but at the end of the day many of us still prefer to maintain our physical appearance up to a certain standard. The carpets at home do act as “makeup” for the floors and that means that they should as well be kept in good condition. Cleaning carpets by yourself is challenging and time-consuming, that’s why “Number One Carpet Cleaning” has carpet cleaners, who are ready to help you out. Reach us via the Contact form and secure a professional cleaning service, which just like makeup, needs to be and is both good quality but still a bargain.

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