How to get nail polish out of carpet


Taking care of our fingernails is important and any changes in them should not be ignored. And although many of us don’t quite care about visible cuticles or uneven nail edges, others tend to look at these details and actually enjoy taking the time to pamper their nails. However, going to the nail salon can be expensive and not everyone is good at painting their own nails. There have been many instances when you have found the perfect nude shade or a vibrant red colored nail polish at the drugstore and you have bought it just to find out you really can’t use the nail polish brush correctly.

In lockdown many of us have tried picking up new hobbies or practicing self-care activities in order to keep ourselves sane. Painting your nails sure does seem like the perfect pampering activity for a relaxing afternoon, but not until you actually start trying it out, the sudden reality of your inability to proceed correctly with the varnishing part hits you. Frustration is easily awakened when you mess up and end up spilling some of the nail polish on the carpet. Although your mani-pedi session didn’t go as planned, you are now left to face the burden of nail polish stains on your carpet.

There are a few different nail polish cleaning methods that could help you deal with the unpleasant smudges which, if not treated on time, could literally stay on the carpet for eternity. Continue reading to find out how to:

  • Blot the stained area or scrape the dried smudge.
  • Remove the stain with a regular acetone-based nail polish remover.
  • Eliminate the unwanted varnish leak on the carpet using hairspray and a non-acetone nail polish remover.
  • Clean any leftover residue.
Nail Polish Stains

Why is it hard to get nail polish out of carpet?

Just like any other liquid cosmetic products, nail polish has its own specific ingredients which contribute to its thick consistency, water-resistance and stickiness. So you do need to consider the chemicals used in the nail polish, in order to find out what other product could cause the vanishing of the spilled varnish. The adhesive polymers in the nail varnish make sure the substance sticks to the surface it is placed on, that’s why solvents like acetone and the alcohol in hairspray are good nail polish remedies.

How to remove nail polish stains from carpet?

Whichever stain removal method you choose, you should always examine the current state of the smudge – whether it is still wet or dry and the material of the carpet. Always start by removing any extra liquid laying on the surface of the carpet or if it has already dried then you should scrape as much of it as possible and then vacuum the leftover particles. According to the carpet material and its colour you should choose one of the following cleaning methods.

For light-coloured carpets it is recommended to use non-acetone cleaning products and for dark-coloured fabrics – rubbing alcohol and hairspray.

If the nail polish smudge has already dried, you can try using a basic nail polish remover with acetone. Before you use this stain solution, test whether or not the fabric won’t be damaged by applying some of the remover on a distant part of the carpet. Take a white cotton towel and soak it with the remover, then lightly dab onto the blemishes and repeat that step until you achieve the desirable result. Use another clean towel, soak it in some cold water and rinse what’s left of the acetone.

When the varnish stain is still fresh, you should blot it and then wet it with some cold water. Distribute a decent amount of hairspray on the smudge and spray a few drops of rubbing alcohol. Scrub the treated surface with a toothbrush and during that process spray some cold water on the slowly vanishing stain. While you continue brushing the smudge, pour some non-acetone nail polish remover and after that blot away the excess liquid. Patiently repeat these steps until there are visible results.

Carpet cleaning services

Nail polish stains are some of the hardest to get out of any carpet – the process is long and requires materials you might not have on hand. If you have unwillingly created some not so impressive nail art on your carpet instead of your nails, call us on 020 3026 0355 and wait for our carpet cleaners to do your carpet’s very own pamper session.

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